KIND2 The Hydrating One on enamel tray

What makes KIND2 Shampoo Bars different?

KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars stand out because they are truly sustainable as well as effective.

We’ve taken extra care to create products that are: 

  • Made from plant-based ingredients and Vegan
  • Packed full of nourishing oils that won’t strip or dry out your hair
  • Free from synthetic colours and fragrances (parfum)
  • Made without Palm Oil - learn why here
  • 100% plastic free - we're actually certified microplastic free
  • Concentrated, which makes them longer lasting and more cost effective
  • pH balanced, which means they work in hard water with no transition period

Will I need to give my hair a vinegar rinse after washing it with KIND2 shampoo?

No! This is one of our most commonly asked questions. We are pleased to say that you definitely won’t need to rinse your hair with vinegar after washing it with KIND2 shampoo.

This is because our Solid Shampoo Bars are pH balanced and soap free. They work with the natural acidity of your scalp to keep your hair soft and silky. And besides, who wants to smell like a chip? 

Will it take a while for my hair to adjust to using KIND2 products?

No, it shouldn’t. You will not have to endure a ‘transition period’ when you switch to using KIND2 Shampoo Bars. All our formulas are gentle and pH balanced. That means it will work with the natural acidity of your hair and scalp to give you great results from the first wash.

If you have been using products with silicones or live in a very hard water area, we'd recommend you first try The Rebalancing One also available in a Discovery size.

Can KIND2 Shampoo Bars be used on coloured hair?

Yes, KIND2 Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bars are great for dyed and bleached hair.

If you colour your hair, you should avoid harsh shampoos that can dry it out and cause it to go brittle, particularly those containing SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/ Sulphate) as that often causes colour fade. 

Our products are gentle and colour safe because they are made with mild, cleansing ingredients that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils or cause your colour to fade. 

In fact, our Solid Shampoo Bar ‘The Hydrating One’ is specially formulated to provide extra moisture for dry or coloured hair.

If I have dandruff or a dry scalp can I still use KIND2 shampoo bars?

Our Solid Shampoo Bar The Sensitive One, was created to help those who suffer from dandruff, dryness or an irritated scalp. 

KIND2 made this special formula extra gentle by using: 

  1. Camellia Seed Oil. This natural oil will moisturise your scalp and strengthen your hair
  2. Fuller’s Earth. This ingredient is renowned for its soothing properties
  3. No added fragrances! There’s nothing in these bars that will irritate or aggravate your sensitive scalp
  4. No sulphates. These create lots of foam, but also can be drying or irritants

Are you prone to getting dry hair in the winter? Our KIND2 Solid Conditioner Bar will help you keep your hair nourished and manageable during the cold and windy months. 

I’m allergic to fragrances and essential oils. Can I still use KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars?

We understand that a lot of people are sensitive or allergic to artificial fragrances and essential oils. So, we formulated a Solid Shampoo and a Conditioner Bar especially for them without any added fragrances.

The Sensitive One Shampoo Bar contains zero added fragrances or essential oils. That makes it especially gentle and perfect for easily irritated, dry, itchy or flaky scalps.

The Fragrance Free One Conditioner Bar is the same award winning magic formula as our original conditioner, The Restoring One just without the added essential oils.

Are KIND2 Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bars curly girl method approved?

Yes! All KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars are free from harsh sulphates, silicones and parabens, so they adhere to the curly girl approved ingredients.

They are also packed with nourishing oils like Coconut, Shea, Argan, Hemp Seed, Chia Seed, Rosemary and Macadamia that are ideal for curly hair. Take a look through our full list of ingredients to see which other powerful plants go into our bars. 

Will I need to use a conditioner after washing my hair with KIND2 Solid Shampoo Bars?

It depends on your hair type. If your hair is dry, long or prone to tangles, you will probably need to condition it after using KIND2 shampoo, just as you would after washing with any other product. 

The KIND2 Solid Conditioner Bars, The Restoring One and The Fragrance Free One, are both suitable for most hair types. They'll give your hair the hydration and nourishment it needs to make it easy to comb through after a wash.

To use our Conditioner Bars, you simply need to apply the bar directly to your wet hair and massage it through before rinsing it out. Check out our tips on How to use Shampoo and Conditioner Bars.

How long do KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars last?

If used and stored correctly, your KIND2 Shampoo Bar will last for around 60 washes and your Solid Conditioner Bar will last for at least 80! Of course, this does vary a bit - if you have very long or thick hair, you'll likely get through the bars a bit faster than average.

Try to resist the temptation to use a lot, a few swipes should be enough as our bars are concentrated and made without filler ingredients. And, they are water activated - so make sure your hair is REALLY WET.

Some of our customers have reported their bars lasted even longer. To make sure you get the most out of yours, take a look at our tips on How to Store your Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Bars.

How do I store my KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars?

KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars are very easy to store. To make your solid haircare bar last as long as possible, keep it cool and dry between washes. Take a look at our page all about How to Store your Solid Shampoo Bar for further information.

Using one of our reclaimed wood trays or enamel trays or sisal soap bags will help prevent your bar from getting soggy or messy between washes as well.

Are all KIND2 products vegan?

Absolutely! Our Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bars contain only fully plant-based ingredients and natural clay colours, so they are a fantastic option for vegans.

Have a look at the full list of KIND2 ingredients for further details.

If you’d like to learn what else makes KIND2 products such an ethical option, our page about what makes KIND2 sustainable is the place to go. 

Is KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars cruelty free?

Yes. We are animal lovers, so none of our products are tested on animals. They are all fully vegan as well! 

Do KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars contain preservatives?

Since our bars don’t contain any water, they cannot support the growth of microorganisms. Although, to be extra safe, we’ve added a natural preservative to our formula which prevents microbes from growing in our bars if they do remain damp between washes.

Wondering why KIND2 products don’t contain water?  There are so many perks to switching to solid shampoo bars. Check out our post about the water content of bottled shampoo for more information.

Are KIND2 bars safe for children?

Yes, the gentle ingredients in KIND2 Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bars make them safe for children of 3 years and over. 

Are KIND2 products gender neutral?

Yes. KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars are suitable for a range of hair types and since we use natural essential oils for fragrance the scent is quite subtle.

The Hydrating One Shampoo Bar and The Restoring One Conditioner Bar are both lightly scented with essential oils of Eucalyptus and Rosalina, both have a fresh herbaceous note. So, your hair will smell clean but certainly not over-perfumed!

The Sensitive One Shampoo Bar has no added essential oils, so the fragrance is very neutral and it can also be used as a beard wash.

The Fragrance Free One Conditioner Bar has no added essential oils.

The Two in One is a combined Shampoo and Conditioner Bar, perfect for short to medium length hair. Lightly fragranced with Mandarin and Frankincense essential oils, it can also be used as a beard and body wash.

The Rebalancing One Shampoo Bar is fragranced with Rosemary and Mint essential oils.

Are KIND2 Shampoo Bars and Conditioner Bars delivered in plastic free packaging?

Yes. Our packaging is 100% plastic free, just like our Solid Shampoo Bars. Protecting the environment is extremely important to us.

All our product boxes are made with carbon balanced paper that supports the World Land Trust.

In fact, seeing plastic waste on beaches was the inspiration behind the KIND2 brand.

For more details about our eco policies, take a look at our blog post on what makes KIND2 so sustainable.

Why do we plant trees?

For every order, we plant a tree with Ecologi. We do this because we want to make a difference and create a positive impact on our planet beyond just reducing plastic and with your help, we can. It's part of being kind to the planet. You can read more about the project we support here.

Where are KIND2 products made?

We make our bars and our packaging in the UK, to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible.

Does KIND2 ship internationally?

We ship to KIND2 customers in the UK and the rest of the world – except the EU. If you are based in the EU, you can order via https://www.notonthehighstreet.com/kind2 this allows us to comply with VAT rules in the EU.

Please select your country during checkout.

For more information, refer to our Shipping Policy.

How much will it cost to ship my KIND2 order?

We use Royal Mail untracked to ship our orders, in the UK Standard 1st class or 2nd class and for the rest of the world, International Tracked. Delivery charges will be added at checkout. Delivery charges will be added at checkout. We offer free shipping for:

ROYAL MAIL LARGE LETTER 2nd Class - £1.26 - £1.98

ROYAL MAIL UK 1st Class - £3.95

ROYAL MAIL UK 2nd Class - £3.00

ROYAL MAIL International Tracked – varies by weight/ country

How long will it take for my KIND2 products to arrive?

ROYAL MAIL UK 1st Class - Next day delivery

ROYAL MAIL UK 2nd Class - Delivery within 3 working days

ROYAL MAIL International Tracked - Delivery within 7 - 14 working days (although it can be a bit longer). 

I’m not happy with my KIND2 product. What are my options?

Our aim is that all our products reach you in perfect condition. If you're disappointed, we would like to know, so please make sure you contact us. You can cancel your order without giving any reason at any time up to 14 days from the day on which you receive your products (provided they are unopened). You must notify us of your cancellation by contacting us at hello@kind2.me

You can find our full returns policy here.