Zero Plastic Inside - we're certified microplastic free

Zero Plastic Inside - we're certified microplastic free

Did you know that many beauty and personal care products ⁠contain microplastics? 

Zero Plastic InsideWe've been proudly plastic free from day one and are pleased to share that we have been awarded "Zero Plastic Inside" certification by Plastic Soup Foundation.

Since 2012, this amazing non-profit organisation has been urging countries to take action through their Beat the Microbead campaign and in good news, the UK is one of 15 countries that has taken steps to ban microbeads (in rinse-off products at least). But, confusingly there are other microplastic ingredients widely used in many cosmetics and personal care such as silicones which are widely used in big brand shampoo and conditioners.

Shockingly, we recently discovered a big brand shampoo bar available in Boots that contained an ingredient classed as a microplastic!

This logo is awarded only to products that are guaranteed 100% free of microplastic ingredients.

You can read more here about the work done by Plastic Soup Foundation to educate, raise awareness and campaign to reduce the devastating impact plastic has on our health and our planet, or if you want to easily check if products contain plastic ingredients, download their Beat the Microbead app.⁠

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