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5 reasons why you need to switch to solid shampoo bars

Switching to solid shampoo bars and solid conditioner bars seems to be all the rage right now.

Have you been considering making the move away from liquid shampoo? Or, are you already a solid shampoo bar convert who wants to convince friends and family to come on board? 

There are so many reasons why everyone can benefit from switching to solid shampoo bars and solid conditioner bars. They’re better for your hair, your scalp, your wallet and our planet.

Don’t keep your curiosity bottled up any longer, take a look at our list:

1. Plastic free solid shampoo is more sustainable than recycling

Many of us think that switching to a plastic free solid shampoo bar is no more sustainable than diligent recycling...Don’t be fooled!

Shockingly, only 9% of all the plastic that has ever been made has been recycled.

The current stats for the UK are not much better! In May 2022, almost 250,000 people took part in The Big Plastic Count, the UK's biggest nationwide investigation into household plastic waste.

Conducted jointly by Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic, the results of this survey reveal that only 12% of plastic waste is likely to be recycled in the UK. In fact, more plastic waste (17%) is shipped overseas than being recycled at home, almost half (46%) of the UK’s household plastic waste is being incinerated, with the remaining 25% going to landfill.

Big Plastic Count Results - only 12 percent is recycled in the UK

Image: Everyday Plastic, The Big Plastic Count 2022


As production and consumption of plastic continues to soar, our planet and oceans are becoming more saturated by this toxic substance. In fact, we estimate that each one of us is likely to use between 420 and 500 bottles of shampoo/ conditioner over the course of your life. That adds up to a scary amount of plastic.

According to environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage, plastic bottles last for about 450 years in the marine environment. They never fully decompose either, so your old shampoo bottle will eventually break down into microscopic pieces that will remain in our water system.

Using plastic free solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars is one of the easiest ways to prevent this. So, switching to KIND2 products will help you cut a huge amount of plastic out of your life.

2. Switching to solid shampoo bars will make your hair healthier

Would you like healthier, silkier and softer hair? 

Solid shampoo bars and solid conditioner bars are nourishing for your scalp and your hair. 

Good quality solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars, like KIND2’s, contain natural oils and plant based extracts that bolster hair health and strength. We use ingredients like:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Macadamia Oil
  • Argan Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Chia Seed Oil
  • Shea Oil
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Camellia Seed Oil

These plant-based ingredients are much gentler on your scalp, compared to the harsh chemicals in conventional bottles of liquid shampoo and conditioner.

Many people find that their hair feels softer and looks shinier when they switch to our nutrient-packed solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars.

3. Save money when you switch to solid shampoo bars

Do you like to be thrifty? A single solid shampoo bar or conditioner bar will last 2-3 times longer than its liquid counterpart ~ around 60 - 80 washes.

Are you skeptical? The reason solid shampoo bars are so much more economical is that they’re made from concentrated, active ingredients. 

Bottled shampoos are 80-90% water. That means you’re paying a lot for plain old H20. When you switch to a solid shampoo bar, your shower will be more than enough.

This all adds up to you spending less, enjoying healthier hair and building a brighter future for the planet. That’s a pretty good deal. 

To save more money when you switch to KIND2’s solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars, you need to treat them right between washes. Check out our page on how to store your bar, so that it lasts for as many baths as possible. We’ve got tips on how to use them as well.

4. Switch to solid shampoo bars if you like to travel light

Jetting off with hand luggage only can seem like a great idea until...

The dreaded airport security check. First there’s fumbling with plastic bags and tiny toiletries. Then, of course, there’s the anxiety about the infamous mid-flight shampoo explosion. Aren’t holidays meant to be relaxing?

You can see where we’re going with this, but switching to solid shampoo bars and solid conditioner bars does make everything faster, cleaner and more carefree.

A solid shampoo bar will:

  • Help you sail through airport security more smoothly
  • Take up less space and weight in your bag, so you can bring that book you’ve been meaning to read
  • Eliminate your need to buy miniature plastic toiletries
  • Never spill because… it’s solid
  • Help you remain plastic free on your travels
  • Keep your hair looking and feeling great on your holiday, no matter what the water’s like

5. Lower your carbon footprint by switching to plastic free shampoo

Keen to reduce your carbon footprint? You can start in your morning shower.

The natural ingredients that go into plastic free shampoo bars and conditioner bars are far less refined and treated than those in a typical bottle of shampoo.

This means that when you switch to a plastic free shampoo bar, you’ll avoid plenty of carbon-heavy manufacturing. Not to mention you won’t be responsible for all the energy it takes to produce yet another polluting plastic bottle.

A life-cycle study published by the Institute of Environmental Engineering in Switzerland, concluded that the carbon footprint of liquid soap is 25% higher than bar form on a per-wash basis and that liquid soap needs 5 times more energy to produce - and that’s before packaging is considered.

Because plastic free solid shampoo bars also take up less space and last longer, transporting them equals fewer road miles for far more showers. So, you can literally wash that Co2 right out of your hair. 

KIND2 can help you switch from bottle to bar

Have we convinced you that switching from bottled shampoo to solid shampoo bars is the way to go? KIND2’s plastic free products come with extra perks for your health, your hair and your planet.  

Our solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars are 100 % plastic free, soap free, palm oil free and pH balanced. Our posts on soap free shampoo and sustainable shampoo and conditioner will explain how this works in more detail.

Are you keen to switch to a solid shampoo bar, but feel held back by your easily irritated scalp? We have a fragrance free shampoo bar The Sensitive One that could help, or our popular and nourishing bar The Hydrating One

If it’s wet windy weather that’s behind your bad hair days, take a look at our winter hair care tips.

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