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The new shampoo bar works so well for my hair.

This is the first shampoo bar that tackles my hair issues, my hair is fine and sometimes a bit lank. After using the bar, my hair looks clean and has more volume. I can even go one day without washing it, when I usually have to wash it everyday.

Surprisingly good

I've ordered this to try out on my daughter's tangy hair. She has sensitive scalp, fine, straight, slightly greasy hair that she hates brushing. Was concerned that it'd be too heavy, but thought I could always use it myself to shave my legs. Found this a really good conditioner - somehow it's easier to use than the bottled stuff, leaves her hair easy to brush, doesn't make it flat and greasy. And it is also good for shaving my legs.
Wish the box this came in was from recycled materials - seems excessive to me for a "green" product


Got this after a lot of search, as both me and daughter have sensitive flakey scalps, she suffers from eczema too, so harsh anti-dandruff shampoos can be problematic.
It doesn't irritate us as much as some shampoos, but it's by no means magic - she's still a bit itchy, but better than with fragranced stuff (from a different make)
Getting to spread it is harder than with some shampoo bars - it doesn't foam that much, rubbing it directly to the hair/head gets better results. I wash my daughter's hair twice - seems to be better at getting any flakes out of her hair.
I'd love a bit more environmentally conscious packaging for these bars. They come in sturdy cardboard boxes from what looks like not recycled material - it'd be an easy thing to change, surely.
Overall it's okay, I'm not blown away and don't know if I justiify paying that much for this product

New to shampoo bars

The shampoo bar is great - only downside is that I used it up very quickly and took a while to lather up.

The Hydrating One & ONLY!

I am a convert. This solid shampoo bar is lovlee to use, easy to get the hang of it and makes your hair silky and soft..... just like shampoo night as a kid.... I now have my boyfriend using it too.... my curls have returned and have I purged plastic in the process

Great product

Great to have both shampoos to try so that you find the right one for you. Surprised by how good hair feels. Great service and delivery too.

Ruth, thanks for leaving us a review and great to know we surprised you in a good way!

Hair feels unfortunately flat, and gets greasy by the end of the day. It’s a shame because I really want to find a sustainable shampoo that gives the same results.

Claire, thanks for leaving us a review. We're sorry to hear that your hair feels flat and greasy by the end of the day. From talking to our customers, we've found silicone used in some products can have an impact. We've sent you an email to see if we can help and explore if it's this or one of a few potential explanations.

Fantastic shampoo bar

Loved how quickly this bar froths. And the shine it leaves on my hair. Will definitely buy again.

Eliya, thanks so much for leaving us a review and really pleased to hear that it makes your hair shiny!

The Gift Set
Teraza Salmon
Great product

Is nice to use, although you have to get used to the lack of foam and delivery was very fast.

Teraza, thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. We're glad to hear that you like it - sulphate free bars tend to be lower foaming - which is also a gentler wash for your hair and scalp.

Great for hair

Love this bar it has lasted nearly 2 months washing alternate days. It’s good for my greasy hair and easy to lather though it is a very light lather. It has lasted well and has not gone soggy.

Sue, we really appreciate your review and good to know that it's lasted well.

Just perfect!

Have had the absolute pleasure of trying out the Rebalancing shampoo bar - I am a very fussy customer when it comes to what I use and I can honestly say that I think this bar is just perfect!
The scent is delightfully fresh but subtle, the lather is silky and works well even in our outrageously hard water area and using this bar has left my shoulder length hair feeling beautifully clean, soft, shiny and cared for.
Throughout use the bar has kept its shape and texture, not fallen apart or become a soggy mess on the shampoo bar dish, and has lasted extremely well (I wash my hair 2/3 per week).
It's a definite thumbs up from me!

Gailyn, thanks so much for your kind words - we're thrilled that you've found the perfect shampoo bar!

Lovely scent

Have only tried this bar once but hoping it lives up to experience of the sensitive one. The scent is lovely and refreshing though!

Thanks so much, great to hear you love the scent - rosemary and mint is such a great combination

Just right!

Not too much fragrance and foams better than the fragrance free option. Using this and the conditioner bar from now on!

Glad to hear it's just right, sounds like this is the one for you - thanks for leaving us a review

It works brilliantly!

I almost never leave reviews, but I wanted to write to say how brilliantly the conditioner bar (and the hydrating shampoo bar) work on my hair. My hair feels healthier, very soft and shiny. I have only needed to use the bars about twice a week, I find that works well for me. Please never stop producing these!

Thanks so much for your kind words, great to hear how fabulous your hair feels!

Lovely shiny locks

Really pleased with my discovery shampoo and conditioner bars. Hair is soft, shiny and the bars lathered well in our soft Scottish water. Really delighted with the conditioner bar especially as it didn't leave any sticky residue.

Claire. we love soft, shiny hair too! That's great to hear and thanks for leaving us a review.

Solid Shampoo Newbie

This is the first solid shampoo that I've tried and I read lots of reviews of various brands and options before deciding on this one. I really liked the option to try a small 'discovery' size as a tester and will definitely be purchasing a full size version. I found this easy to lather and it gives my hair a squeaky clean finish. Thank you Kind2

Great to know that the opportunity to try first helped you take the plunge. Thanks so much for your review, we're happy to hear your hair feels great.

Adding volume to my hair

I have been using the KIND2 Hydrating One shampoo and The Restoring One conditioner for a few weeks now. They have brought amazing volume to my thin hair! Really pleased with the products!

Leena, it's great to hear you are getting more volume in your hair. Thanks so much for leaving a review

Adding volume to my hair

I have been using the KIND2 Hydrating One shampoo and The Restoring One conditioner for a few weeks now. They have brought amazing volume to my thin hair! Really pleased with the products!

Leena, that's wonderful to hear. So happy that you are pleased and thanks for leaving us a review.

Easy to use

I have found the bar perfect to use, there is not lots of lather which I am used to from other shampoos. I wet and rub the bar between my hands before I start washing my hair and whilst wetting my hair the bar is on the ground getting the water so it is easier to apply.

Rae - we're glad you've found it easy to use. Thanks so much for leaving us a review.

Super customer service

I can’t give this particular product (a the restoring one) a 5 star as quite honestly I couldn’t get on with it. My hair was going oily at the top and dry at the ends. However, when I sent an email stating my disappointment with the product I was given an immediate refund. I was also sent a trial bar for another shampoo which they felt might suit my hair better. I am yet to try it but I’m really impressed with the personal, professional and prompt response. Looking forward to trialling the rebalancing bar and hopefully I can continue with my journey of plastic free shampoo!

Abi - we're hopeful that our new shampoo bar, The Rebalancing One is more suited to your hair and look forward to hearing how you get on with it.

Excellent hair products

I’ve been really impressed with how easy to use and how nice my hair feels after using these products

Hannah, glad you found it easy and even better that your hair feels nice. Thanks for leaving us a review

Long hair & hard water

Used for the first time and I was sadly disappointed. It’s left my hair feeling heavy & sticky. I may have used too much without realising. As the shampoo doesn’t lather at all it’s really hard to tell! I live in an extremely hard water area (south coast) which possibly doesn’t help! I will try again!

Jane, we're sorry to hear you are disappointed. There are a few possible reasons for the low lather and your hair feeling this way - silicones and hard water (or indeed both). We've sent you an email to find our more and explore if our new Rebalancing shampoo bar might be better suited to you.

Love this bar

This shampoo bar leaves my hair surprisingly soft - glad to have found one that works so well! Thank you Kind2

We are so happy that you love it! thank you Sarah for leaving us a review

The Restoring One Conditioner Bar

Like all conditioning bars it needs “activating” ran under hot water to try and get the conditions on your hair or hands. I find this proses tedious and frustrating, I was hoping this one maybe different. BUT the end result is good.

Bridget, thanks for leaving us a review and we are glad to hear you are getting good results. If your hair is very wet and you apply the conditioner bar directly to your hair (vs your hands) and massage it through, you should be able to get enough product on your hair without needing to run it under hot water first. You can also leave the conditioner on for a short while before rinsing if you need.

Excellent !!

A friend of mine let me use her Kind2 shampoo bar. Wow amazing product my hair is so soft and feels so much cleaner! Two bars last me 3-4 months, on short hair. I only use Kind2 solid shampoo bar now, I definitely recommend trying this awesome product!!

Julia - what a lovely friend you have! thanks so much for leaving us a review and we are really happy to hear you love it