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Absolutely THE BEST!

Having baby fine, thin long hair, I’ve always struggled with having to wash my hair every day. As well as dry scalp and oily hair. I’ve tried a bunch, but Shampoo bars have never worked for me. I discovered kind2 because of the mention of no soap, and it has been life changing! I’m able to go a day in between washing now with no notice of a difference in my hair. I use the conditioner as well and my hair is silky smooth with no tangles.

A lot of reviews say these bars have no lather but I’m not sure why. There’s so much larger, I had to go back and re-read the description to make sure I hadn’t ordered the wrong bar.

I can’t say enough good things about this brand and bars, and don’t know of any equivalent in the US. Worth every penny of international shipping! :)

My kids and I are loving The Rebalancing One!

I couldn't resist giving a shoutout to this fantastic shampoo that has become a staple for my kids and me over the past month. The fragrance is like a daily dose of happiness, and I must say, our hair feels like a million bucks after each wash. It's now secured a top spot on my list of favourite shampoos, given that it's also 100% plastic-free!

Bought as Christmas pressies which I am sure will be well received

Excellent results

I have used other solid shampoo bars but this one is a bit different. The washing experience was a bit less foamy, but my hair felt great afterwards, and a single wash has lasted more than a week! This is definitely a superior product

Great shampoo

Love the idea of no more plastics in my bathroom but let’s face it giving up my fav shampoo feels hard even though I know it’s the right thing to do. Until I tried this! The shampoo is lovely and does a great job - and one less plastic bottle on the shelf. All in all a win/win! Thank you!

Kind2 Conditioner bar

This hard bar conditioner, that you have to really rub into your hair, makes my poor coloured hair feel like 'Princess Unicorn hair'! Strong and silky!
The bar tends to break up as it finishes, I put broken bits in a small jar with some water, this softens the bar so you can use it up in cream form. No waste!

The hydrating one

Does what it is supposed to, I e cleans my hair! I have very short hair so one bar lasts a very long time. I occasionally use a conditioner for extra softness, but don’t need to most of the time.

The Restoring One - solid conditioner bar

My hair has never looked so good ,I’ve been using it for about 4 years now and wouldn’t dream of using any other conditioning bar. It lasts for ages, there’s no tangles after washing, easy to use ,no plastic- perfect

Best shampoo bar yet

Ive tried three different bars now and this is the first one to not leave residue in my hair.

good product, made washing my spaniel, especially her head, much easier but wish it had a container to keep it in.

Really good

Tried out The Fragrance Free & The Sensitive shampoo and conditioner discovery bars and they’ve been excellent for my hair which is dry and suffers from dandruff. I use this in conjunction with my medicated shampoo and makes my hair feel so clean. Will be definitely buying the larger versions when the bars are finished.

Super Soft and Clean

Ronnie is not a fan of a Bath but this Shampoo Bar was super easy to rub on a fussy pooch, lathers up nicely and fragrance free to help with Ronnie’s sensitive skin.
I would definately buy again but I can see this lasting for a good few washes yet!


after years (years not weeks or months) of trying to make shampoo bars work for my fine, thin hair, i've finally found something that works. And of course it's because the soaps in the others are too harsh and never allow your hair to get past the "transition phase". I'm SO glad i gave this bar a chance even though I have to pay for shipping to the United States. After one use, my hair looks like its beautiful self again. shiny and soft, with waves i hadn't seen in years. Detangling is a breeze now, which also means way less breakage. And, for the first time in my life of struggling with oily scalp and dandruff, i'm able to go a day without washing my hair!

I'm not sure why so many reviews say there's no lather. there was so much that i checked back on the website facts page to make sure i had ordered the right thing. this sounds like a paid review, but believe me (as i place a reorder with international shipping) that it is not. kind2 shampoo and conditioner really just has been that much of an unexpected and wonderful find. thank you!

shampoo: the hydrating one
conditioner: the restoring one

Best doggy Shampoo

I have tried the simple dog shampoo bar, and it is great to use, But all dogs pong I found the lavender one even better. Really easy to apply and get a even spread of soap all over the dog or just wash selected areas, mush better than a liquid shampoo.


I bought the set as I am currently using the fragrance free shampoo and love it so wanted to try the conditioner (as a small size in case I didn’t like it 😁) and having the ither 2 shampoos was a bonus and I thought I could take them travelling.
The conditioner is fab- I only need to use a little bit. I smoothed it into the mud lengths and ends. It doesn’t feel at all like a “normal” conditioner, not slimy, so I wasn’t sure if it was going to be able to detNgle my thick wavy hair. I needn’t have worried- I think using the shampoo and conditioner together works best as liquid shampoos can be very drying and harsh and in that case a liquid conditioner may be necessary. I am extremely happy with the shampoo and conditioner and will continue to use them together. They last ages and I don’t get an itchy scalp. Thank you 😊

Perfect natural and effective product , love it.

Easy to use, lathers well, smells great and leave my dogs coat beautifully soft and silky. Not an easiest of fur as she's a shepherd/husky/collie but shampoo bar did the job perfectly and much easier and cost effective than bottles.

Shampoo bar

Delighted with the results of the neem bar, even used it on my horse !

Long lasting shampoo for itchy scalp

The sensitive shampoo from Kind2 is a brilliant product which soothes my scalp and keeps it looking fresh in between wash days

The hydrating one

The shampoo bar lathered well and left my hair feeling soft, but it didn't tackle the dryness I bought it for. This was in no way the fault of the bar, turned out it needed more serious treatment. Overall a good product, but not for me.


NB I have very long curly/frizzy hair that I straighten a lot of the time.

I have been using Kind2 shampoo and conditioner bars for the past 3 years, but this is my first review.

In the past, I’ve tried a new shampoo/conditioner, which has initially been great, only for my hair (and scalp) to develop issues after a few months.

As such, I’ve been waiting for a rather long time to see the long-term effect on my hair and/or scalp. Plus I forgot to leave a review 😬

Well, all I can say is that I am bLoWn AwAy.

After the initial few weeks of use, my scalp was no longer dry. My hair was no longer frazzled. It’s easy to maintain. My scalp and roots have a natural “Sheen” that looks healthy and I’m no longer embarrassed by flaky skin.

But the best part for me, is that the hair at my temples, which receded after having my children (and made me look like. Rockhopper Penguin for years!) has finally grown back! It’s not fluffy and weak, it’s strong and healthy-looking!

Recently I’ve bleached the ends and dyed them all sorts of fantastically bright colours…and the Kind2 products don’t cause the dye to fade!

I now wash my hair about every 7-10 days and its natural oils keep my hair looking healthy. It FEELS healthy. I have never (in 40+ years) found hair care products like this.

Sue, thank you for all you do! You have a lifelong customer over here 🙋🏼‍♀️


Easy to use. Lathers well. I shampoo everyday and this seems gentle enough. Quite expensive but it depends how long it lasts.

The Fragrance Free One - discovery size

The sensitive one

It doesn’t foam very much but you have to trust that the shampoo is on your hair. I wash my hair twice every time and although there is no foam my hair feels clean afterwards and looks nice when it has dried.
It works the same as a normal shampoo but with no itchy scalp afterwards.
It is easy to transport and no nasty plastic packaging!
I am now going to buy the full size one

Jackie, thanks so much for leaving us a review and the photo of your lovely hair. This bar is sulphate free which does mean lower foaming - but a top tip to get more lather is to add more water, as the bars are activated by water. Make sure your hair is soaking wet and you may need to add a bit more during your wash.

Excellent Product

Great product and fab customer support!