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Shampoo and conditioner bar

I was a bit sceptical about using these, after a few months of use my hair is in great condition and no longer have to wash it everyday


My hair has never felt so good with the hydrating one shampoo bar!!! Don’t think I will ever go back to using ‘normal’ shampoo.

Great Conditioner

I visited the Kind2 website to get the Restoring Conditioner & was disappointed to find it out of stock. I E-mailed for advice & got this instead which is the fragrance free version. I am more than happy, it leaves my hair so soft & shiny and after 2 months is only half used (I have fine bobbed hair). My hubby is using it too. I would definitely recommend taking a discovery bar on holiday, I took one for 2 weeks & it was plenty for daily use.

Love It

I wanted a shampoo bar to take on holiday and after a bit of research decided on Kind2. I contacted them to get advice about which would be best for my hair and was recommended the rebalancing one. The discovery bar was ideal for my 2 week holiday & takes up hardly any space or weight. I bought the full size one to use at home. I’ve been using for 2 months now & it's fabulous. Unlike others I tried in the past it lathers well & my hair feels soft & shiny. I don’t plan to go back to the bottle. If you’re buying a conditioner bar too, I would recommend getting 2 shampoos to one conditioner.

Very good shampoo

I have only used the shampoo so far, but I was pleasantly surprised that it produced a good lather, and my hair has not gone through weeks of looking awful (as other sites led me to believe) while it adjusted to a kinder, less harmful shampoo. To be honest I haven't noticed much difference and no one has commented that my hair looks any different. The best thing is finding shampoo that does not use plastic bottles, palm oil and synthetic substances, but my hair hasn't had to suffer either.

Best conditioner bar so far

I bought the sample size because I have tried various brands of shampoo and conditioner bars and many have been disappointing. This one is great. My hair is fairly fine but I have lots of it so it’s inclined to frizz and can be dry. This bar has conditioned my hair well without leaving it too soft or limp.

Love this conditioner

This is the first conditioner bar I’ve used, I have previously used apple cider vinegar rinse. Leaves my curly hair soft and frizz free.

Great! Must buy!

I love this conditioner and highly recommend it, although I wonder if the formula has changed. I had a previous one that felt more nourishing for some reason. But still, a great product which leaves your hair wonderfully soft. :)

Favourite shampoo bar

I’ve gone through quite a few different brands of shampoo bars, but this is definitely the best one I’ve tried. I have fine hair that gets greasy quickly, but also tends to get dry/static. This bar has a great balance of cleaning my hair and scalp while not drying it out. And because it doesn’t strip away all the healthy oils etc like normal shampoo, my hair has a little bit more volume and texture as well!

Excellent Product The Hydrating One

Highly recommend. Hair feels soft and healthy. I also so this product as it is zero waste, last a long time and does not dry out.

The Fragrance Free One - discovery size

Love it!

The ReBalancing shampoo bar is amazing! It's easy to use and leaves your hair lovely and clean with the added rosemary and mint giving it a great feel and smell


Very impressed by the solid shampoo and also used the fragrance free conditioner bar. Had tried other brands of solid conditioner and shampoo but fragrance irritated my skin. Hair soft and shiny and far less tangly than it usually is. Also works well for when I wear my hair curly instead of blow drying it. Very happy will definitely be buying again!

Great product - wish it was in the shops!

Great 2-in-1 shampoo-conditioner that leaves hair feeling natural. Packed and delivered plastic-free, but I wish I could buy it in the shops as well, to reduce the environmental impact even more. Any chance of getting it into Holland & Barrett for example?

The Hydrating One is Brilliant for curly hair.

I have tried a few bars and lots of liquid shampoos over the years, none of which have been 'right' for my hair. This shampoo bar is perfect, my hair is so healthy and looks great. Been using the bars for nearly a year now, plus it reduces household plastic waste. Love it!!!

The right one

The ReBalancing shampoo bar is a great one to start with if you are transitioning from a normal shampoo, there is a good amount of lather and the rosemary and mint smells lovely and leaves your hair looking shiny and healthy.

Tracy, we're happy that we were able to help you find the right bar now. The combination of hard water and silicones, probably meant The Sensitive One wasn't the right formulation for you.

Good products but always out of stock!

I can’t fault the shampoo bar it’s one of the best I’ve used. Leaves by hair soft and shiny. This is the first conditioner bar I’ve used and I’m impressed with the results. My only concern is these products are always out of stock! I’ve had to buy elsewhere as but available when I wanted them for the third time!

Sharon, glad to hear you think the shampoo is one of the best. The Hydrating One is our bestseller and we're sorry it's out of stock - like many small businesses we've suffered from supply chain challenges. In good news, we're finally expecting a new delivery early next week.

Hydrating Shampoo bar

Quite surprised how well this worked. To be honest I expected to be disappointed but it really did leave my hair super soft! Will definitely buy again.

Helen, glad we've surprised you in a good way :-) thanks for leaving us a review

So bar so good

Once again I have tried yet another shampoo bar & I think I’ve finally found ‘the one’. I was having trouble with some other brands they were making my very porous long hair, heavy and when having my blonde hi lites put in, they wouldn’t take properly. This bar ( for me) does not foam,(hence 4 stars) which can mislead you to think it’s not working properly but it is. This bar definitely suits my hair type as my friends have noticed my hair looks better. Will be buying again.

Sue, thanks for leaving a review - good to hear that your friends have noticed your hair looks better.

Much better than Rebalancing

I’ve been trying out all kinds of solid products for skin and hair over that last 2 months. This one has definitely made it onto the buy again list. I didn’t get on with rebalancing but this is lovely. Hair clean and gorgeous, scalp okay. I can get some static but I think this is more to do with choice of conditioner rather than shampoo.

Thanks for leaving us a review and great to hear that you've found the bar that works for you. A solid conditioner might help with static, as you can also put a small amount on your dry hair to calm any flyaways.

Love it

Best shampoo bar I have come across. I have used it both in London and in Denmark where the water has a lot of limescale and it works a treat!

Sophy - really appreciate you leaving us a review and so happy to hear it's worked well for you in hard water.

The Rebalancing One - solid shampoo bar

The best solid shampoo bar I've ever tried!
I have a very fine and oily hair and I've been trying lots of different shampoo bars but none of them were right for me leaving my hair very sticky and looking awful, so after a long time I gave up...until I found this one 😉. My hair feel so soft and clean and healthy - I'm not loosing my hair so much as I used to 😊. Thank you so much for this shampoo bar.
I'll be a definitely a regular customer 😉.

Iwona, great to hear that your hair feels soft, clean and healthy. Thanks for your kind words.

The Wood Tray
S Wright
Wood Tray excellent

The tray is perfect to put the shampoo bar on so that it can dry between uses. Very solid wood.

Leaves my hair as greasy as when I got in the shower.

I have long and thick hair and I've been really disappointed by this shampoo bar. I've used others in the past which left my hair clean but dry. This one says it will foam a little and that it is very concentrated but I've found that unless I've swiped the bar on that piece of hair, it doesn't spread no matter how much effort I put in and I've then come out the shower and gone to dry my hair to find it as dirty as before the wash. I've had to spend a lot longer cleaning my hair and getting the bar all over my head which is then also running the bar down very quickly.

Cat, we're sorry to hear that you are disappointed. From what you are describing and your experience of other bars leaving your hair feeling dry - it sounds like your hair may not be wet enough and/or you are using too much. The cleansing ingredients in the bars are activated by water and so making sure your hair is very wet is particularly important when your hair is thick to enable those ingredients to work. Sectioning can be effective for thicker hair and starting at the back of your head/nape of neck - applying the shampoo bar only to the scalp where it's oiliest. We've sent you an email to see if we can help.

conditioner bar

I like this product because it uses much less than liquid conditioner, and it doesn’t contain harmful products, and my hair feels much lighter with it. It took a couple of washes for my hair to get used to it, but it is back to its bouncy self.

Caroline, we're really pleased to hear that your hair feels lighter and bouncy. Thanks for leaving us a review.