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Really great product

Love the Kind2 shampoo and conditioner bars, I will never go back to the bottle

Great shampoo bar

Great reliable shampoo bar that works well in hard water!

Great for the little bits

We always have tiny scraps of soap and shampoo bars left, so it's perfect for using them up and avoiding waste

Natural wonders

Firstly I bought the conditioner and the restoring shampoo for coloured and damaged hair, it was luscious! I have very fine hair and it gets greasy so I bought the rebalancing shampoo!
Amazing product all three of them. My daughter and granddaughter love the restoring shampoo and conditioner and I love the rebalancing one.
We three have shiny lustrous hair! My daughter and granddaughter love the restoring quality of the shampoo and conditioner and I love the clean shine and lightness of the rebalancing bar. I didn’t have to use conditioner for as well as cleansing my hair and dealing with my grease problem it nourished and replenished every strand. All natural and it is a wonder !

I love this conditioning bar!

I love this conditioning bar! I’ve been meaning to try moving away from plastic packaging in the bathroom for a while, and thought I’d try Kind2. This is a pleasure to use, is easily as good as my old, very expensive, conditioner, and I’m super-happy with the results. Recommended!

Love this shampoo

I have been trying to ditch the plastic bottles and find a shampoo bar to replace it. I have tried so many most of them did not do anything for my thick curly hair and left if lank and coated. I was horrified to find that although there was no plastic bottle some of the products had plastic in the shampoo bars. I carried out some research and found KIND which has no plastic in it and I was delighted to find the rebalancing bar and the conditioner bar actually works for me and I love it. I have had the products for some time now as wanted to make sure there was no build up on my hair before writing my review. I would highly recommend this product, it soaps up well, (especially if you make sure you wet your hair thoroughly) and leaves no residue on your hair. A great product.

Drying and not nice

I’m used to using head and shoulders and wanted to move away to something more sustainable with no plastic so gave this a go.

I found the product very drying with an unpleasant neutral chemical-ish scent and dandruff/itchy scalp came back straight away. Did not suit me at all I’m afraid.

We're sorry to hear that this bar didn't suit you. This bar doesn't have any fragrance added and we appreciate that's not to everyone's taste and dandruff can be caused by many factors. We've sent you an email to explore if one of our other bars is more suitable for you.

I got this shampoo bar on a recommendation for my partner who's dealt with dandruff for years and been using medicated shampoo for as long. They love it! No more dandruff without the need for v strong medicated shampoo and it has the added bonus of making their curly hair look great. Thank you!


Bought this for my daughter. She’s not a fan. It didn’t lather up at all and it made her hair look greasy and lank.

KIm, we're sorry to hear that you are disappointed. Conditioners (bars and liquids) shouldn't lather unless they contain detergents in the formula. We don't use any detergents in our conditioner bars, they are just concentrated ingredients to nourish. We've sent you an email to see if we can help with some tips on using the bar.

Nice light fragrance and easier than bottles

Wilma isn't a fan of bath-time but using the soap bar instead of shampoo in a bottle made the process easier and fuss-free. Plus, the smell is fresh but not overpowering and her coat was so clean, soft and fluffy as a result.

Love it!

The rebalancing one works wonders and I love the texture. I am in a hard water area but even so it does the job wonderfully.

The Best

I bought this bundle for travel purposes and haven’t done any travelling yet!! However I’m a great fan of the product as I’ve been using both shampoo & conditioner bars for a couple of years now.

Love it! Much easier to use than a bottle

Easy to use and very reasonably priced the shampoo bar is a really good choice. Its much easier to hold the bar than try to hold a shampoo bottle with one hand to pour the shampoo in to the other and hold the dog. You just wet the dog and the bar and then off you go.

Sprocket is a ‘hair wash once a month’ boy, it works like a dream. His coat is bouncy and shiney. He’s happy and we are happy that its 2 plastic bottles we’ve not had to use and the carton can just go in the compost bin.

Does what it says.

Even after day 1 my scalp felt better. A good product for regular use.

The Restoring One - solid conditioner bar

If you’ve got any doubts that a solid conditioner can be as good for your hair as your usual one — forget them! This amazing product makes my hair really smooth and soft. I’ve stopped colouring my hair and learned to love the silver and this conditioner keeps my hair looking shiny in spite of the blow drying and straightening that I still subject it to. It lasts for ages as well which makes it good value for money. It’s a way to help the environment without compromising on quality. What’s not to like?

2nd review of The Sensitive One

Have been using this for about 2 years. It suits my scalp psoriasis but doesn’t foam at all so I do over use sometimes. I have to stop using it the wash before I have my hi lites done as it stops the colour taking hold; which may be due to the fact that my hair is extremely porous.

Tried a different bar

I have been using the Sensitive one for sometime and decided to try The Rebalancing one. This foam much better than the other but I’m not sure it suits my scalp as well. It has a pleasant scent, not overpowering or unnatural.

Great product

I bought the sensitive one discovery size for my husband to try as he tends to have an itchy scalp. He loves the product and will be excellent for travel

First try at bar shampoo!

I bought this as a Christmas present for my husband as we are keen to reduce our plastic usage. First impressions are really positive and we are looking forward to using it more in the future.

Purchased as Christmas presents for three ladies who have yet to receive let alone use.

Mike S

My shampoo and one for the dog

Test starts now with how long the colour will last in my hair using the hydrating shampoo.
The dogs fur is so soft and fluffy, was a little jealous at how much foam his shampoo produced as to mine. But will be ordering more thank you x


Hair feels great. Bar didn't last quite as long as I expected, but still happy with results.

The Wood Tray
David Henry

The Wood Tray

The Sensitive One - solid shampoo bar - sale
Double benefits

I’ve found the shampoo bar to be perfect for my ultra sensitive scalp and my hair looks good too.

Great customer service, lovely product!

No quibble when I queried delay/non delivery and a replacement was sent immediately. The product was packaged well and is of great quality. I have no doubt I shall be ordering more from this company.