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Two in one - wash and go!

Love all my Kind2 products, but this one is especially useful when I’m traveling. When my Kind2 subscription boxes arrive, I always reflect on how grateful I am to have great products, supporting a small business that makes a difference to things I care about. If you’ve not tried yet, please give Kind2 a go.

The Two in One - solid shampoo bar

I had tried many different brands of shampoo bar before I found this one, and will now never use another brand. I live in an area with hard water and other bars left my hair too dry and squeaky clean. This is the only bar that has left my hair (mid-length undyed) soft and manageable, it lathers up quickly and I use it every day. I definitely recommend giving this bar a try. I also use the conditioner bar every now and then and again I can’t fault it. Amazing products.

Great in hardwater

Have this on subscription, one of the only shampoo bars that is effective in a hard water area.

Not a bit of plastic

Lovely on granddaughters hair as it is thick curly and no fuss,smells gorgeous aswell

The Rebalancing One Shampoo Bar

I have really thick hair and struggled at first to wash all of the layers with a shampoo bar. When I read the tips for washing thicker hair on the Kind 2 email, it really helped and I sectioned my hair and rubbed the bar in each section. The Rebalancing One is great and now I find I don't need so much shampoo to get a good lather and a lovely clean look and feel. My hair is really shiny! The bar seems to have got easier to use and I'm really happy it works and I don't need to buy more plastic!

Great Product

I've used this bar a couple of times now on my spaniel who does like a muddy puddle.
It left his coat nice and clean without too much effort.
I loved it, my spaniel wanted to go find another muddy puddle...!

The Gift Set
Sonia Teruel

Great product, thanks so much!


Really love this one, lathers up easily and cleans well!

Not for me

I end up with greasy-looking sections in my hair where I’m guessing the product hasn’t washed out properly. I have tried to rinse well but still this doesn’t always work. This doesn’t happen when I only use the shampoo bar, just the days when I condition. Not great when you’ve got places to be and can’t go back to rinse & dry a second time!

Great product

Cleans hair without drying.

Dog Shampoo Bar

This was really easy to use to get shampoo all over our dog's body and left her looking clean and smelling fresh, which doesn't happen often! Definitely recommend.

Lovely Doggie Shampoo

Great shampoo, foamed really quickly for a bar of shampoo (which is needed as the dogs want to jump out pretty fast) and cleaned up the horrible thing Belle had rolled in very easily.

Most definitely kind to my hair

I have long, thick hair and have been using exclusively solid shampoos for about a year - I find the Hydrating One really works with my hair - leaving it soft, clean and smooth and shiny.

The Rebalancing One - solid shampoo bar.

Nice subtle sent, foams easily and rinses out well.

Brilliant dog shampoo

The dog shampoo is brilliant, it has left Jerry's fur really soft and the bar was easy to hold and rub into his fur.

Really Impressed

I often find I get dry skin, when I use soaps and shampoos, I was really pleased and surprised to find I didn't when I used the 2 in 1 shampoo bar. Really good lather and my skin felt great afterwards!

Our doggo, does not enjoy baths so much. I found this bar really easy to use and it lathered up really well and easily, which made bath time quick, and easy for the dog. His coat looks soft and fluffy. We are happy and smudge is too.

Cuddly dog

Works really well. Easy to use, easy to fins and dog is as cuddly as one wants it.

Kind2 is great

Great, environmentally friendly products. The combination shampoo and conditioner are sufficient. No more plastic! The service is great, tool

A positive surprise

This isn't the first shampoo bar I've tried and I was initially disappointed when it didn't lather as well as others I've used. However, my clean scalp and hair I could easily comb through, even before I used the conditioner, changed my mind. I've also realised I really don't have to do two shampoos as long as I make sure it goes everywhere. A great shampoo bar for my curls!

It restored my hair and bank balance

First of all, I have to say that I am really impressed with this conditioner. I've got lots of curly medium thick hair and I'm ashamed to say I've been a bit of a product junky, always looking for that product that tamed frizz, felt like I had nothing in my hair and smelled nice. Spoiler alert, it doesn't exist and I was tired of ditching another disappointing product, plus I wanted to go a bit more plastic free. Listening to an interview with Sue where she described the multi use of this conditioner bar, I went to the website and bought it. Having tried conditioner bars before, I wasn't really holding my breath, but after two weeks I can say that I am not missing my overly perfumed products that just sat in my hair not doing all that much and making me feel like I needed to wash my hair every 2 3 days. This conditioner detangled my hair while wet and actually helped with some of the fluffy bits when my hair was dry. I'm now on day 4 and I think I can leave my hair for another two days. This product will definitely save my bank balance as well as improving my hair with more use.


Great shampoo made my hair feel great for the first time in ages I will be using it all the time

Pleasant surprise !!!!

I have used the shampoo and conditioner twice weekly since receiving. First wash not as much lather which was a lot different to my normal shampoo, however my hair was easier to rinse saving on time and electricity in the shower. My hair felt clean thicker smoother so I continue to use. After several uses I can say my hair is in better condition and has it's own natural shine.
I would recommend a trial to anyone better hair saving electric and much less packaging what is not to like.

Conditioner bar

I have tried other companies conditioner and they all left my hair feeling waxy but the kind2 bar is brilliant will buy again