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So cleansing!

I really struggle with shampoo as nearly everything makes my hair and scalp feel dry, but the KIND2 bar instantly reduced my frizz, dryness and left my hair feeling pretty soft. The only downside was it was a little bit hard to wash out and sometimes leaves a bit of waxy like sediment around my roots, but overall very happy!

Neat product

Neat product - trial size helpful. Timely delivery.

I'm very very satisfied

I've used many bar shampoos over the years. Usually they work at first and seem to be the answer to my itchy scalp. Within a week the early promise has not continued. I bought the Rebalancing bar primarily because I was ready to try another shampoo bar, and that Kind2 is a company committed to ecological values. It has worked! It's been a month now of daily shampoos and my hair feels “healthy”, soft and shiny.
I'm enclosing a photo. Thank you for a very good product.

New to this brand

I have only used this shampoo bar twice- but seems excellent. It left my hair soft, clean and as shiny as it has been for some time. Better than any shampoo - solid or liquid for some time.

Finally shampoo and conditioner bars that really work

I can’t recommend these bars enough - these really work. I tried a lot of bars over the last few years and these are brilliant. Also the little sisal bag is brilliant for using up the last little remnants of soap and shampoo bars 🎉

The most amazing scent

I adore this shampoo bar! The scent is so refreshing and my hair feels fluffy and soft afterwards despite being naturally rather coarse and thick. I feel like this bar leaves my hair cleaner than any other shampoo before, but I do still have to wash every other day if I want my hair to maintain a reasonably clean look/feel. I don't mind so much though when the shampoo is this delightful! However, it's definitely not equal amount to 2 X 500ml shampoo bottles, seeing as my shampoo did fall apart and become rather difficult to use after about a month. BUT. I ordered again, because of that divine scent AND how good it made my hair feel...

Best shampoo bar

I love this bar, I’ve tried a lot & had pretty much given up & gone back to liquid then a friend gave me this & omg so good! My hair is shiny & healthy looking

Dries my dry hair

Very disappointed. I had hoped this would help with my dry hair but it's made drier and more brittle than ever. 😢

Hi Yasmin, we are sorry to hear that the bar doesn't work for your hair. We've sent you an email to explore if using a conditioner bar and/ or another product may be helpful for you.

Love it

I was using a different shampoo bar which was discontinued so decided to try Kind2. After just 2 washes my hair is looking amazing, so shiny and feels nice and clean. I have had trouble with my hair feeling waxy and an itchy scalp after using shampoo bars before, but not this one. It works well in hard water too. Customer service at kind2 was also fab - very quick and personal response and they were able to fix my issue with delivery address really quick. 100% recommend. I never usually leave reviews!

Rebalancing one

Lovely product! I have fine and greasy hair but this product gives me days of fresh and clean looking hair

Great results

I have used other shampoo bar products by this is by far the best.

Brilliant product!

I have now converted by kids who are in their 20’s to using this and they are impressed with the results too!

Great 🧼

Works well for my giant dog with it not soaping up too much!

Love this product

I love my shampoo bar from kind2. Makes my hair feel great, it’s good for the planet as no plastic is used or water and it’s supporting a UK business. What’s not to love!

Lovely shampoo!

I’ve tried lots of shampoo bars with little or frustrating success. This is the best I’ve found. It feels good and lasts a lot longer than other brands by far. With the conditioner it’s a winning combination! Jo @jomoseley Insta

I've been using it since 2021 and wouldn't change products.

Works perfectly for a sensitive scalp and I've had the subscription for a while now it's perfect and lasts forever. The photo is after one or two months of use and there's still loads left (I have fairly short hair).

Worth it. So very worth it.

I bought my first 2 bars of The Rebalancing One shampoo back in late November. I've tried many shampoo bars over the years and generally found them pretty good, but not great and usually not worth the extra cost. My tap water is hard, my hair is fine and oily so any shampoo bar has a challenge. Well, this foams beautifully. It smells amazing. My hair felt clean and beautifully conditioned. My daughter commented on how "fluffy" my hair felt. This was great! However, the first bar was all gone after just over a month (washing every day). Disaster. This would just work out as too expensive, getting something like 11 shampoo bars a year. I'd just have to go back to the ordinary stuff.
And yet, after a couple of weeks of using the ordinary shampoo, my hair feels greasy and rough at the end of the day, my morning bedhead is horrible... Nothing for it this morning but to dig out that second bar and give it another go. Now I'm determined to make room for this shampoo bar in my life. I'll take a sandwich to work, save the money that way. This is worth it.

Unfragranced shampoo and conditioner

Great products, I never use anything else

Amazing Product - Way Better than Normal Shampoo

After a month or so of use, I've been completely converted to this shampoo bar. Used properly (sufficiently lathered in greasier areas!) this works incredibly and leave hair feeling soft, full and cleaner for longer. I'm usually very greasy by the end of day 2, but this has helped me extend to 3 days with no difficulty!
10/10 recommend for those with oily or coloured hair.
Tip: if you're going away and only want a small amount, this works fantastically if grated into pieces!

The Re-balancing shampoo bar

I bought this primarily for my husband. He has thick curly hair and is very happy with it so far. I've used it on my fine shoulder length hair and its cleansing without being drying.
Would purchase again.

Best Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair

I was very sceptical as this was my third or fourth experience of a shampoo bar. I have fine hair but lots of it, and it gets oily quickly. This worked amazingly from the first use. It lathered well, with a little effort, and left my hair very soft (before conditioner) and healthy looking. My hair has also seemed to stay cleaner for longer with each wash. The bar doesn't have a strong smell, so it is different to all the strong scents of normal shampoos, but its actually quite nice to just have clean, 'neutral' smelling hair.
My only negative is that the bar disintegrates quickly in comparison to the conditioner bars, so it will always cost you twice as much in shampoo. But, overall its very effective, my hair feels significantly nicer than using a bottled sulphate shampoo, and I'm doing a little bit for the environment 👍

Surprisingly good...

Works well when applied, however its not the easiest to get it onto your hair. You kind of have to swipe it over the ends of your hair relatively hard to feel like any product is on there. However, it makes your hair feel incredible. My hair has been soft, manageable, shiny and very healthy looking.


I have never written a review before, but here it is…! I haven’t used a solid shampoo for about 10x or more years and wasn’t really very impressed with them then…
But from the first wash when there was plenty of lovely lather, my hair has been calm, tamed and shining, the first time in since I have become grey. I have now used it twice and it just seems to be getting better…. Well done, Kind2, I think you have a great product 😊

Excellent shampoo

I have been using Kind2 shampoos for a while now and I wouldn't use anything else. They arel better for my hair, they lather well, and of course buying them means I am not buying plastic bottles of shampoo which is a big plus.

Absolutely THE BEST!

Having baby fine, thin long hair, I’ve always struggled with having to wash my hair every day. As well as dry scalp and oily hair. I’ve tried a bunch, but Shampoo bars have never worked for me. I discovered kind2 because of the mention of no soap, and it has been life changing! I’m able to go a day in between washing now with no notice of a difference in my hair. I use the conditioner as well and my hair is silky smooth with no tangles.

A lot of reviews say these bars have no lather but I’m not sure why. There’s so much larger, I had to go back and re-read the description to make sure I hadn’t ordered the wrong bar.

I can’t say enough good things about this brand and bars, and don’t know of any equivalent in the US. Worth every penny of international shipping! :)