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Brilliant one-stop-shop shampoo

Absolute no fuss solution shampoo/conditioner all in one, and after 3 weeks of use I can feel my hair is back to it’s original strength and shine.

Make the change!

Better for your hair and scalp. Use every day without fear of stripping your hair of its natural balance. Echo friendly. Nice recyclable box. Save the waterways and planet.

Squeaky clean and soft

Need very little of this bar to make my hair squeaky clean but lovely and soft. Kind to my hair, kind to the environment, no waste, no plastic - perfect!

Just lovely

The conditioning bar has left my hair soft, conditioned and is lasting really well. Feel good also that it’s kind to the environment.

Conditioner Bar

This is only my second bar as they last so long but am really loving using them. Thank you for a fabulous product.

Works better with shorter hair

My partner and I both tried this product. He has short hair and loved it saying it was really moisturising on his scalp, however I have very long hair and found it left a sticky residue and was difficult to rinse out. I would recommend this product for those with shorter/less hair.

Merrie, thanks for leaving us a review. This bar is sulphate free which means a gentler lather and we're sorry it wasn't a great experience for you - it might be that this wasn't the right one for you since your hair is long. We do recommend The Rebalancing One for longer or thicker hair as it is higher foaming.

Rebalancing One

This works, I've struggled to find a solid shampoo bar that lives up to saloon quality shampoo, this coupled with Kind2 solid conditioner does the trick. Happy with the purchase and will recommend.

Great shampoo

It works so well on my hair

The Gift Set

Shampoo bar

Really good customer service. Unfortunately within 2 washes my hair had residue

Hi J - thanks for leaving a review, we're sorry to hear that your hair has residue. We've sent you an email to find out more and see if we can help. Based on customer experiences, it's possible that interaction of hard water, the sulphate free bar and any silicones in previous products might be an explanation - but, in good news that can be resolved.

I wanted to love it, but

I love the balancing shampoo and I thought I'd give the hydrating one a try but I struggled with this one. It doesn't lather up in the same way and left my hair a bit crunchy, sadly. I'll go back to the balancing one!

Rose, thanks for leaving us a review. We're sorry to hear that you didn't like this bar as much as The Rebalancing One. They are different formulations and The Hydrating One being sulphate free, won't lather as much in harder water. We've sent you an email with a bit more information and we will replace your bar.

The Hydrating One - solid shampoo

My hair is fine ,but I’ve lots of it , passed shoulder length ,with highlights. This amazing shampoo bar lasts for ages, no horrible plastic waste, really suits my hair ,always leaves it perfectly clean ,after using the equally great conditioning bar I’ve shiny, clean hair.

Not for my hair

I have only used this for about 10 days and it is now more or less finished. I do wash my hair every day, it is short (and coarse) and I live in a very hard water area, so for me this isn't a viable option. I haven't seen any improvement in my hair or scalp, in fact the opposite, but that may be because I haven't used it long enough.

Juli, we're sorry to hear that you have got through the bar so quickly - it should last much longer than that, as only a small amount is required for each wash. We've just sent you an email to see if we can help, by offering a better choice of bar and some tips to help them last longer.

Love It!

Since using the ReBalancing shampoo bar and conditioner my scalp does not it h any longer and my hair does not become oily after a couple of days.
Would highly recommend!

Lovely shampoo bar

I love this shampoo bar. It smells lovely and I only have to use it twice a week to keep my hair from getting greasy (I have fine hair that gets oily quite quickly). Plus it leaves my hair lovely and soft so there's no need for a conditioner. Definitely recommend ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Partial review!

My hair is coloured and dry, so I found the conditioner bar didn't work as a bar (I've never found one that does). I mixed it with water in an old bottle and I'm actually pretty happy with it - I'm reserving full judgement until I've tried it with the Kind2 shampoo too as I think that's the real test.

The Rebalancing One - solid shampoo bar

The restoring One - conditioner bar

I’ve been using this conditioner for a few years now ,I can honestly say it’s amazing. I tried a couple of different brands, to find the right one for me, because I was determined to find a sustainable way of caring for my hair . It lasts for ages …probably 2 months ? My hair is soft, untangled, and obviously no plastic !

Soft and L ♥️VED

Using this fabulous solid conditioner bar I have full, chubby, silky curls - every time without any of the heavyness I experience when using processed conditioners and bio packaging to boot - WOO HOO 🥰

So good I'm purchasing it again

So pleasantly surprised, left hair feeling lovely. Enamel tray works a treat too.

Great eco friendly solid shampoo bar

I have been using this shampoo bar for almost a year and have been really impressed with the lather!!!

Great product but doesn't last long!

I love this shampoo, it keeps my hair clean without making it frizzy. People tell me I smell nice which I also ascribe to this product. The only downside is that if you buy a shampoo and conditioner at the same time, the conditioner lasts for years while the shampoo only a few weeks or months (depending on how many are using it). Otherwise, no complaints!

Shampoo and conditioner bar

I was a bit sceptical about using these, after a few months of use my hair is in great condition and no longer have to wash it everyday


My hair has never felt so good with the hydrating one shampoo bar!!! Don’t think I will ever go back to using ‘normal’ shampoo.

Great Conditioner

I visited the Kind2 website to get the Restoring Conditioner & was disappointed to find it out of stock. I E-mailed for advice & got this instead which is the fragrance free version. I am more than happy, it leaves my hair so soft & shiny and after 2 months is only half used (I have fine bobbed hair). My hubby is using it too. I would definitely recommend taking a discovery bar on holiday, I took one for 2 weeks & it was plenty for daily use.