Our story

High performing solid shampoo and conditioner, reinvented for the 21st Century. Our formulas are palm free, vegan and free from plastic, soap, synthetic fragrances and synthetic colours. Instead, they’re full of active plant based extracts to gently treat specific hair needs. Saving the planet doesn't have to mean bad hair. 

KIND2 you. KIND2 the planet.

We understand you want to make more sustainable and ethical choices but are limited by what’s easily accessible, does the job properly and delivers value for money.

KIND2 is a step towards tackling these challenges in one haircare innovation, giving you a more conscious choice, without compromise.

Founded in 2019 by Sue Campbell, KIND2 is the story of wanting to make a difference.

An Australian who made London her home, Sue has always loved travel and the great outdoors. When based in Hong Kong, her adventures ranged from weekend hikes and unwinding on beaches, to trekking in Laos and horse riding in Mongolia. Extraordinary and exciting as it was, her escapades bought her up close and personal with the overwhelming presence of plastic pollution … everywhere. The final catalyst came when her husband returned from a sailing race across the Pacific Ocean with tales of seeing more plastic than fish.

Sue left her corporate career, returned to London and embarked on a mission to disrupt the status quo and show how plastic free haircare can be a new normal. 

The Difference

Traditional liquid shampoo and conditioners are at least 80% water, requiring bottles - usually plastic - and harsh chemicals to stabilise ingredients. Remove the water and neither plastic packaging nor stabilisers are necessary.

Not just plastic free, our solid shampoo and conditioner formulas are palm free and pH balanced for healthy and shiny hair - creating a fundamental difference in how haircare is made and used:


  • Eliminating both plastic and water at source
  • Removing irritants in the form of sulphates and synthetic fragrances
  • Soap free, so much closer to the natural pH of your scalp
  • Featuring premium ingredients with active plant-based extracts
  • Therapeutic benefits and unique fragrances from naturally derived essential oils
  • Not tested on animals or containing animal products
  • Made in the UK, supporting local industry and lowering our carbon footprint
  • Low waste - packaged in compostable cardboard
  • Great value for money; a KIND2 bar lasts for between 60 - 80 washes, two or three times as long as a 250 ml bottle
  • For her, for him, for everyone


Sue Campbell, Founder KIND2

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