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Winter haircare tips: How KIND2 conditioner bars combat dry hair

You can picture the scene. It’s that time of year again - chilly, breezy and raining outside. When you finally come in out of the cold, you’re met with a blast of hot dry heating. This can play havoc with your hair and scalp.

When you undergo multiple changes in temperature and humidity every day, your hair can struggle to keep up. However diligently you wash it, trying to keep your hair hydrated, controlled and healthy can seem like a losing battle.

How to combat dry hair
Luckily, we know a thing or two about haircare. These tips will help you minimise winter weather damage and keep your hair looking fabulous all year round:

Don’t over-wash
It might seem counterintuitive, but too many washes can really dry out your hair and scalp. This will lead to brittle hair, itchiness and less healthy looking locks. For most people 2 – 3 times a week is enough⁠.

Use a sulphate free solid shampoo bar
This is where we can help out. KIND2 solid conditioner bars and solid shampoo bars are totally sulphate free. This means they will clean your hair and scalp much more gently, without stripping them of their essential natural oils.

All our shampoo and conditioner bars are pH balanced and soap free too. It makes them healthier for your hair and prevents that post-wash, waxy feeling.

Be generous with your KIND2 conditioner bar
In winter, what your dry hair needs is a bit more moisture.

Try applying some extra conditioner to your ends and leaving it in for a few minutes longer than usual before rinsing.

KIND2’s conditioner bars are particularly good for hydrating your hair. The nourishing plant-based ingredients in our restoring bar, like coconut, cocoa butter and shea oil have naturally healing and hydrating properties that are perfect for tired, tangled hair.

To get the best results, take a look at our blog post on how to use solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars.

Apply a winter hair mask.
Do you feel as if your winter hair is calling for some deeper conditioning? Try applying an Argan oil hair mask. We've got some great DIY vegan hair mask recipes here.

You’ll probably be able to find Argan oil at your local health food or zero waste store. Or, if you don’t have one nearby, you could order it online. 

Protect your hair from the cold
Lastly, protect your hair from the cold wet weather when you go out in the winter. When you wrap up warm to face the elements, use a hat or scarf to shield your hair as well. 

The final step is to enjoy your year-round healthy hair and scalp!

Bid your dry winter hair goodbye, and visit the KIND2 shop today.

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