We're helping plant a forest

We're helping plant a forest

With every order we plant a tree. Not just any tree but a mangrove tree, in Madagascar through Ecologi and their community based non-profit partner Eden Reforestation.

Madagascar has a unique and diverse eco-system with ~200,000 plant and animal species, of which over 75% are indigenous. Deforestation is a significant and ongoing issue, causing biodiversity loss, extinction of species and erosion.  There are some estimates that only 10% of Madagascar's original forests remain today. 

We chose this project because it's more than just planting trees. It's a dedicated, community based restoration project that provides employment for local people and a long term strategy to protect the trees to maturity.

Mangrove tree

You might be wondering, why mangrove trees? Scientists have singled out restoring mangroves as a major natural climate solution. Not only do they store more carbon than tropical rainforests, they are an important ecosystem for birds, fish and reptiles. 

We want to make a difference and create a positive impact on our planet beyond just reducing plastic and with your help, we can. It's part of being Kind to the planet.

If you're looking for some more inspiration on what else you can do, our post 29 top tips for a low impact lifestyle should give you some great ideas. 

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