Our 29 favourite low impact lifestyle tips!

And it’s not just about making the switch to solid shampoo and conditioner bars …

You are probably already using a reusable bag, water bottle and coffee cup, a bamboo toothbrush and hopefully buying at least some of your staples from a bulk or re-fill store. Leap into an even lower impact lifestyle with our 29 favourite tips  …

  1. Start with a waste audit – include your recycling. The aim being to reduce, it’s the best way to help you work out where you can make changes with the most impact.
  1. Eat more fruit & vegetables – seasonal, local and not packaged in plastic.
  1. Plan your meals for the week – that way you will have less food wastage and are less likely to be tempted by that last minute, highly processed and heavily packaged ready meal.
  1. Beeswax or plant-based wax wraps and storage containers instead of cling wrap.
  1. You can substitute bi-carb soda, citric acid, soda crystals and white vinegar for so many toxic cleaning products – and buy them plastic free too.
  1. We love plastic free takeaway and are lucky enough to be a customer of Dabbadrop - who make irresistible plant-based curries delivered by bicycle.
  1. Ditch the coffee pods - buy loose beans, get a grinder and make wonderful coffee on your stovetop with an old fashioned cafetiere.
  1. Make your own yoghurt or oat milk, it’s easier than you think.
  1. Make your own lunch, bring it to work in a reusable plastic free container or eat in at your local café.
  1. Take your reusable cutlery on holidays with you, you’re more likely to be eating out and about.
  1. Compost – either do it yourself or if you might be are lucky enough to have your local council collect your kitchen waste each week. Just freeze your food scraps until collection day. 
  1. Don’t be greenwashed by bioplastic! Most require industrial processing and are not going to be composted at all and will end up in landfill.
  1. Switch to plastic free toiletries – soap, deodorant, toothpaste tabs or aluminium tubes, safety razors and of course, solid shampoo bars and conditioner bars!
  1. Ditch the make-up wipes – buy or make re-useable ones from an old t-shirt that you just toss in the wash.
  1. Switch to plastic free period products – such as period pants, menstrual cups or organic plastic free brands. Follow the inspiring Ella Daish who is leading a campaign to #endperiodplastic
  1. Switch to renewable energy – and if you live somewhere sunny, solar panels might be able to generate a significant share of power for your daily needs.
  1. Take down that thermostat and put on a jumper – 1 or 2 degrees. It will save energy and money.
  1. Cold wash your clothes - also saving you money in electricity and if you do wash synthetics, get yourself Guppyfriend to stop microfibre pollution.
  1. Hand wash instead of dry-cleaning where you can - if you do need to get some clothes dry-cleaned, you can ask them to leave off the plastic bag.
  1. Secondhand or sustainable fashion brands. Goes without saying.
  1. Upcycled accessories make great gifts – like bags from old truck tarpaulins, bouncy castles or fire hoses. So many exciting new brands to choose from.
  1. Need a new couch? Get yours re-upholstered. A new table? Find a second- hand one. A new rug? Most carpet shops have offcuts for sale that you can have professionally edged.
  1. Walk, run, hop, bicycle, catch the train or bus.
  1. Save the trees by radically reducing paperwork – online statements and subscriptions, say no to flyers and junk mail, use an electronic business card app.
  1. Just say no – every time anyone tries to give you something that is single use, plastic or something you just don’t want or need.
  1. Speak up and challenge - when you see something like plastic umbrella bags (one of my pet hates) talk to the manager.
  1. Support campaigns for change like #switchthestick #plasticfreetravel #sackthesachet
  1. Spend your money wisely and don’t underestimate the power we have as consumers, change is happening. 
  1. Don’t just try this at home. If you work in an office, shop or factory, look at ways to reduce waste and make planet positive changes there too – you might find you inspire others too! The team at Coffee & TV have worked hard to eliminate single use plastic from their office.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list … If you are looking for inspiration, ideas and more tips - we love How to Save the World for Free by Natalie Fee, the Age of Plastic Podcast and Kempii

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