Inspiration, it's been there all along

That moment when you realise that your parents were so ahead of their time and absolute rock stars in their own quiet way. Well, it just happened to me… late in life I know.

I called my mum for her birthday, she’s in Australia and I’m in London, so a visit wasn’t a possibility. We got chatting about KIND2, she was asking me how things were going. We talked about how they recycled in the early 80’s, when it wasn’t really a thing. She always took her string bags to the fruit & vegetable shop, got quizzical looks from the other shoppers. No plastic bags for us! 


My family in Hobart, 1970s

I’m inspired when I read about people making a difference and you can too. Whether it is adopting a zero waste lifestyle, The Ocean Cleanup tackling the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or the Ellen MacArthur Foundation who are championing innovation and challenging our economic models.

Reducing the impact of our lifestyle means we need to make conscious choices about what we buy, how we live. It seems to me that more and more people want to make decisions that are positive, sustainable and ethical; yet there are few choices available or they are more difficult, less convenient.

The inspiration behind KIND2 is all about making it an easy decision to ditch that plastic bottle.

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