Escaping the corporate world: treading lightly - a new life with a purpose

Escaping the corporate world: treading lightly - a new life with a purpose

It’s always a great privilege to talk about the journey of creating KIND2 and the challenges along the way.

Last month, I had the opportunity to chat with Warren Munson on his Evolve to Succeed Podcast. You can listen here.

We meander through a whole range of topics, from my adventures of living and working all over the world, the Blue Planet effect, greenwashing by big brands, treading lightly and why I believe the future of hair care is plastic free.

Three years ago I made the big leap - leaving the security of the corporate world to start KIND2. Of course, it was a really significant change and while ready, I probably hadn’t anticipated how much starting a business can be lonely (and that was before lockdown life!) While full of optimism and energised by my love of learning new things, working initially as a solo entrepreneur I really missed the opportunity to collaborate. Now I’m working and partnering with many likeminded people, experts in their field and our values of prioritising planet and people are aligned, which makes it a lot more fun – knowing that together we can make a difference. 

KIND2 Founder Sue Campbell

In the podcast we talk about why the vision of reducing plastic pollution keeps me going and how in creating a disruptor product, coping with rejection and tests of tenacity are just part of the journey. I really do believe that if you are not getting any resistance or rejection - are you pushing hard enough?

I’m really proud that all our bars are award winners. We set out to create products that are not just kind to the planet, but also deliver great results using powerful plant based oils and actives, but without using synthetic colours or fragrances. And we’ve got some new ones planned for launch over the next few months too … so keep your eyes peeled or sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page to be the first to hear.

Listen to the podcast

If you’re keen to learn more about the ups and downs of our journey so far, you can listen here.

Read more about the KIND2 story here and if you feel inspired to try our award winning bars, then visit the KIND2 shop.

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