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Shampoo bars are not just good for the planet, they’re also great for your hair. Wondering why pH balanced shampoo bars are so good? Read more about what makes them...


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The hidden dangers of synthetic fragrances: Why choose fragrance-free shampoo?

In beauty and personal care products, you’ll find fragrance in almost every product on the supermarket shelves. However, there’s a rising awareness of potential concerns...

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Rosemary Plants for Rosemary Oil

Plants are haircare heroes

We think just being plastic free isn't enough - when it comes to great haircare, what's inside really counts. KIND2 solid haircare bars are formulated...

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Five surprising everyday products that actually contain plastic

When you think of plastics in your everyday life, the first things that typically come to mind are single-use water bottles, takeaway containers, garbage bags...

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Solid shampoo bar storage tray

How to store plastic free shampoo and conditioner bars

Our 5 top tips that will help your solid shampoo and conditioner bars last longer, and feel great to use every day...

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How to use solid shampoo bars: Simple steps for healthier hair

Wondering how to use solid shampoo bars and solid conditioner bars for the best results? They may seem a little alien at first, but there’s...

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Our top tips for Summer Hair Care: keeping your hair and scalp healthy

Our top tips for Summer Hair Care: keeping your hair and scalp healthy

Hot weather, humidity, sun, salt and chlorine can all dry out or damage your hair and irritate your scalp.  With the help of our favourite...

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Orangutan in Rainforest

The dirty truth about Palm Oil in Shampoo and why you should avoid it

Palm Oil is widely used, it’s estimated that around half of all UK supermarket products contain it and for personal care, that goes up to...

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Two dogs having a bath

Dog Shampoo Bars – the eco-friendly choice that’s kind to your dog

Fun fact: around a third of British households own at least one dog and the most popular breeds are Labrador Retrievers and French Bulldogs. So,...

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smooth blonde hair

Soap free shampoo and conditioner: Why is pH balance the key to healthy hair?

So, soap free shampoo is better for my hair? Yes, you read that right. Has your hair ever felt dry and tangled after using a shampoo bar?...

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