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Dog Shampoo Bars – the eco-friendly choice that’s kind to your dog

Fun fact: around a third of British households own at least one dog and the most popular breeds are Labrador Retrievers and French Bulldogs.

So, if you’re a dog owner who’s looking for ways to be more planet friendly, making the switch to solid Dog Shampoo Bars is super-easy. Here’s five good reasons to ditch that plastic bottle:

1. Using a Dog Shampoo Bar is just SO much easier!

 Have you ever struggled with holding a wriggling pup, a bottle and a shower head – while trying not to spray water everywhere?

The best way to use a Dog Shampoo Bar is to rub it directly onto your pup’s wet fur, so in good news you’ll have both hands on your dog. One hand holding the bar and the other holding your pooch. No more juggling or wasted shampoo running down the drain. 

2. Your Dog’s fur will feel soft and smell great

KIND2 Dog Shampoo Bars are formulated with plant-based ingredients so they’re kind to your dog. We use gentle coconut derived cleansers, combined with Shea Butter for conditioning and only natural colours and fragrances. Our Neem & Lavender Dog Shampoo includes Neem Oil to repel ticks, fleas and other biting insects plus Lavender Oil for calm. We even have an unscented fragrance-free Dog Shampoo Bar for dogs that have extra sensitive skin and need a milder wash.

We’ve included conditioning ingredients so that our bars are suitable for curly and long haired dogs too. 

3. KIND2 Dog Shampoo Bars are pH balanced

Why is the pH of dog skin important? Dogs have sensitive skin that can get irritated or dry, causing them to scratch excessively which only seems to inflame the problem. Allergies to dust, pollen, grass or seeds and diet might be contributing factors. Any grooming product that is specifically formulated for dogs should be near the pH balance of their skin (approx. 7 – 7.5) to avoid disruption of the natural balance and minimise potential for irritation or infection.

KIND2 Dog Shampoo Bars are formulated to a pH level of 7. They’re also soap free, if you want to know more about why soap free shampoo is better for your dog, you can read more here.

4. Bars last longer than a bottle

Our Dog Shampoo Bars are concentrated and at 90g each, are equivalent to two bottles of liquid shampoo. You only use a small amount for each wash and depending on the size of your pup and how dirty or hairy they are, you should get at least 7 - 10 washes.

5. Dog Shampoo Bars are kind to the planet.

Each Dog Shampoo Bar saves two plastic bottles and with recycling rates in the UK of around 12%, we’re better off not using plastic where we don’t need to. And for every bar, we plant a tree. 

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Dog Shampoo Bars

Learn more about maintaining a healthy dog skin pH

Canine skin can be more susceptible to irritation and infection due to being significantly thinner than ours. So, maintaining your pup’s natural pH balance is important if you want a happy healthy pooch.

There are a few products that you really should avoid using on your pup if you don’t want to create irritation including baby wipes and dishwashing detergent.

Can you use human shampoo on your dog?

Human shampoo is not ideal for your dog, the reason being that it’s formulated to a more acidic pH level of typically ~5.5 – 6 attuned to human skin/ scalp not the more neutral range of 7 – 7.5 of dogs. Baby shampoo is usually gentler and is probably ok for a one-off wash, but don’t get into the habit of using it often as you’ll likely cause irritation and dryness.

Can you use regular soap bars to wash your dog?

We don’t advise using soap regularly, even if it’s a soap bar made specifically for dogs. Why? Because the soap making process means it is alkaline, usually a pH of between 8 – 12 and that means it will be drying and likely to cause itchiness.

If you don’t have any Dog Shampoo to hand, what are your alternatives?

Warm water and a wet towel is probably the best option to avoid skin irritation and upsetting the delicate balance of your dog’s skin.


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