Dog being washed with shampoo

Why Dog Shampoo?


If you are looking for ways to be a more eco-friendly dog owner, then making the switch to a dog shampoo bar is an easy one.

Our soap free, pH neutral dog shampoo bar will leave your pooch looking and smelling great. Formulated to be effective for a variety of fur types with both cleansing and conditioning ingredients to promote a healthy glossy coat, while being gentle on their sensitive skin.

Kind to your dog. Kind to the planet.


It's actually easier to use than juggling a bottle while holding a dog, just place it in the palm of your hand and rub on a wet coat.

And in good news you’ll save the planet from 2 polluting plastic bottles.

1 Dog Shampoo Bar = 2 bottles
Border Collie with Fragrance Free Dog Shampoo Bar

Why soap free?

Because a dog’s skin is a neutral pH, around 7 and bar soap is alkaline, a pH ranging from 8 to as high as 12.

Using a product that is too alkaline on your dog’s sensitive skin can cause dryness and itchiness. Canine skin is thinner than human skin and if their natural pH level is disrupted, irritation and infection can occur.

It might look like soap, instead we've used natural plant based ingredients that work just as well without the risk of irritation.

KIND2 Dog Shampoo Bars are a neutral pH of 7, meaning they are gentle for a dog's sensitive skin.


How to use a Dog Shampoo Bar

Our top tips

  • The bar is water activated - so make sure your pup is wet, like really wet - and you'll get more lather, plus you can add more water during the bath.
  • Allow the bar to dry out between uses for it to last longer.

pH balanced Dog Shampoo Bars

Kind to your dog. Kind to the planet.

Dog Shampoo Bar with dog sniffing