Reusable Stainless Steel Bottle and plastic free brushes

Five ways going Plastic Free can save you Money

Making more eco-friendly choices doesn’t always have to cost more. We’ve put together some tips to save money while going green, not only on our shampoo and conditioner bars but also other ways too …

Reusables – Water Bottle, Coffee Cup, Cutlery, Lunch Box etc

Switching to reusables is a simple an easy change and after a while, it just becomes a good habit not to leave the house without them. Many cafes will give you a small discount if you use your coffee cup and of course, bringing your own lunch or snacks along is much cheaper than buying on the go.

Ditch the supermarket cleaning products

There’s something quite satisfying about giving that whole aisle a swerve. Not only are many commercial cleaning products full of nasty, toxic chemicals that pollute the environment, they usually use synthetic fragrances which are petroleum derived and linked to harmful effects on our health and chemical sensitivities.[1][2]

Using washing up liquid, bicarbonate of soda (sometimes called baking soda), cleaning vinegar, citric acid and washing soda covers most cleaning you need to do around the house. These products are inexpensive, available widely at hardware stores, supermarkets or your local refill store and even better, usually plastic free. You can find some easy DIY cleaning recipes here.

Visit your local refill store

We love refill stores and it's great to see that you can find them dotted all over the UK - most are small independent businesses too - which are wonderful, friendly places to shop! Many, although of course not all, items are actually cheaper in zero waste stores. Just use an old jar, container or bottle to fill up. Dried herbs and spices in particular are much cheaper and even better, you only get to buy as much as you need which means less goes to waste. Here’s an interesting basket comparison from our local, Restore Refill in Hackney who also happen to be a KIND2 stockist.

Grow your own or choose loose

Even if you don’t have space or the time and motivation for a full vegetable garden, you can easily grow your own herbs on the kitchen windowsill. Not only is it much cheaper to pluck a few leaves when you need them, but there’s no more sad bags of basil rotting at the bottom of the fridge!

If you can, buy your fruit and vegetables loose from the local market or greengrocer or pick those items in the supermarket that aren’t pre-packed in plastic. Buying only as much as you need saves money and minimises food waste.

Swap your shower gel for soap, and of course, your shampoo bottles for solid shampoo and conditioner bars

Soap is inexpensive, lasts for ages and is widely available plastic free or even without any packaging.

While shampoo and conditioner bars might be more expensive than “bargain” shampoo bottles from the supermarket which are mostly water, bars can be cheaper over time and on a per wash basis because they are concentrated. Many people find they don’t need to wash their hair as often.

My Green Pod did a very useful comparison which shows that it can cost as little as £1.20 a month to use a shampoo bar. Most people use between 1 – 1.5g per wash (of course, this varies depending on hair length and thickness). It means an 85g bar lasts between 60 – 80 washes, a conditioner bar up to 100 washes.

 My Green Pod cost comparison liquid shampoo to bar

Ready to make the switch to solid haircare?

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