Our top tips for Summer Haircare: keeping your hair and scalp healthy

Our top tips for Summer Haircare: keeping your hair and scalp healthy

Hot weather, humidity, sun, salt and chlorine can all dry out or damage your hair and irritate your scalp. 

With the help of our favourite hairdresser, the wonderful Bernd from BRS Great Hair - we’ve put together a list of simple tips that will keep your hair and scalp healthy and in great condition all summer.

Get a regular trim

Your hair really does grow faster in summer. That means it’s best to get rid of any split ends or dry hair at the start of the season and certainly before any hair that is already dry gets further exposed to the stressors of sun, salt and chlorine. Healthy hair is less prone to damage!

Protect your hair and scalp from the sun by wearing a hat or scarf

Repeated exposure to the sun is drying for your hair, causing visible bleaching and protein loss, which can make it brittle and damaged[1]. You already know that wearing a hat and applying SPF sunscreen to your face and body are good habits when out and about – so don’t forget your hairline, ears and your part too.

A hat will also protect your colour from fading and help you avoid sunburn to your scalp, which happens easily particularly if your hair is thin. A sunburnt scalp isn’t just painful, it can be itchy and result in flakiness or dandruff as it heals.

Reduce saltwater and chlorine damage by wearing your hair up, a cap or rinsing with clean water

Prolonged exposure to sea water will dry out your hair, as the salt draws out moisture and this can cause damage - even more so if your hair is coloured or chemically treated, since it is more porous. Chlorine is also a challenge, since it strips the hair of its natural oils.

Here’s two suggestions to minimise the damage to your hair:

  • Wet your hair before you swim, this means it is less likely to absorb the salt or chlorine
  • Rinse again right after your swim

Although wearing a cap might not be the most glamorous choice … it does protect your hair if you are a regular swimmer!

Stay Hydrated

Heat, sun and swimming can quickly cause dehydration resulting in fatigue, headaches and muscle cramps.

Did you know that dehydration also affects your hair and scalp? If your hair follicles are starved of water this will result in less natural oil production, slowing hair growth and creating a dry or itchy scalp. Staying hydrated promotes good blood circulation and oil production, keeping your hair follicles healthy and encouraging growth. Just like your body, your hair needs to be hydrated to stay healthy.

We’re all for staying hydrated when out and about while doing our very best to avoid any single use plastic. Our friends at S’wheat create unique reusable water bottles made from plant-based materials! Just perfect for keeping hydrated when on the go. Healthy strong hair requires hydration, and there’s no better way to stay hydrated, trendy and sustainable than with the S’wheat water bottle. We are working with S’wheat to bring you our top tips on having silky hair, being summer ready and staying sustainable! You can check out their blog here.

Deep condition more regularly to help fight frizz

Sun, salt water and chlorine all lift the cuticles of your hair making it more porous - so if you are out in the sun or swimming often, your hair will love a deep conditioning treatment. You don’t need to resort to plastic tubs of products made with silicones or other questionable synthetic ingredients! It’s easy enough to make your own at home with our DIY Vegan Hair Masks, simply apply some Argan Oil, leave our Restoring Conditioner bar on for a few minutes longer than usual or use as a leave in.

Since dry hair is porous it readily absorbs moisture from the atmosphere and is often more prone to frizz. Regular deep conditioning treatment will certainly help, or you can use your conditioner bar on dry hair with a (very) light swipe to tame the flyways. If your hair is fine or thin, you want to keep it moisturised without weighing it down - so remember to apply your conditioner on the ends and avoid your roots.

Don’t over-wash

It’s tempting in hot weather to wash your hair every time you shower, but resist if you can …over-washing your hair depletes your scalp of healthy natural oils and will leave your hair dry and fragile.

If you do have to wash more frequently than usual because you are swimming every day, then use a gentle sulphate free shampoo like The Hydrating One or The Two in One or try a conditioner only wash/ rinse.

Give the hot styling a rest

Allow your hair to dry naturally if you can. Blow dry if you must on a cooler setting and take a break from the straighteners or curling irons. Over-styling dry or brittle hair is a recipe for damage to the cuticles and cortex of your hair shaft.

While all hair types can be affected by lack of moisture, curly hair, coloured hair and grey hair are particularly prone – so, don’t make it just a summer thing – these tips will help you combat dry hair all year round.

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[1] https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1011134404000375


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