Our favourite ideas for going green at Christmas

You’ve read all the shocking statistics about extra waste created at this time of year - but going green at Christmas doesn’t mean you need to go without all the fun!  

If you are looking for some ways to go green this Christmas, Elly from Live Bright Green shared with us some of her simple swaps.

Eco friendly decorations

You can avoid the tinsel and glitter with eco-friendly decorations such as twigs, pinecones, dried oranges or popcorn. If you’re looking for something to keep the kids entertained, get them to help make some salt-dough decorations.

Make it a real tree instead

Surprising as it may be, buying a real tree is the most eco-friendly option. Ideally one with the root ball attached (which improves its chance of survival) so you can use it year after year. Supporting a charity at the same time is a great idea, check out Caring Christmas Trees. And if you’re not up for the commitment, you can always rent a live one

Reusables including Christmas crackers

Banish single use from the Christmas table with these wonderful reusable crackers which double as napkins. Who wants to eat their dinner on a soggy paper plate anyway?

Ditch the wrapping paper

No need for mountains of wrapping paper when there are so many sustainable options for wrapping gifts. We love the Japanese method of Furoshiki using fabric to wrap gifts. You can use a scarf, napkin, tea towel, whatever takes your fancy, or make it extra special with these stunning traditional design purpose made wraps.

Christmas Furoshiki

Give experiences

Experience gifts are one of the greenest gifts you can give. And research shows that they can result in greater happiness too! Indytute London has some inspiring and unique experience gift ideas.

The four gift rule

For kids, part of the magic is having gifts to open on Christmas morning. The four-gift rule is a great option for kids. This means you buy them something they want, something they need, something to wear, something to read. We tend to think this makes the gifts mean a little more too.

Charitable gifts

Donations or gifts to charities are such a great way of making a positive difference. 

We wish you a wonderful and green KIND2 Christmas! 

Thanks Elly for so many great tips. Check out her website for more ideas on how to live a greener and more sustainable life or find her @livebrightgreen.

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