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Debunking 6 common haircare myths

Embarking on your hair care journey can often feel like information overload. Between achieving luscious locks and miracle products, it’s tough to find the truth. Here at KIND2, we’re all about sustainable and natural hair solutions. So let’s go ahead and debunk some popular hair care myths!


Myth 1: Pluck a Grey, Get More Greys 


Busted! Each hair follicle acts independently, meaning that plucking one hair has no impact on the surrounding follicles or their ability to produce more grey hairs. Hair colour comes from pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) that decline with age. Plucking a grey hair removes the hair shaft but not the melanocytes or the follicle’s ability to produce pigment. Excessive plucking can also damage hair follicles and lead to hair loss/thinning.  


Myth 2: Regular Trims Make Your Hair Grow Faster 


Not quite. The truth is that trims do not directly contribute to making your hair grow faster. Trims remove dry, split ends that travel up the hair shaft causing frizz and breakage. While trims may not magically make your hair grow faster, they’ll keep your existing hair much healthier-which might be more important. Hair grows from the root, so focusing on the health of your scalp is your best bet on accelerating hair growth. Read more here on some tips and tricks for maintaining optimal scalp health. 


Myth 3: Double Washing is Good for Your Hair


The jury's out! The overall consensus suggests that for most people, it’s simply unnecessary and potentially irritating to the scalp. Opting for a single, thorough wash is typically more than sufficient. Double washing might be needed when dealing with exceptionally dirty hair due to factors like heavy sweating, exposure to dust, or the accumulation of excessive hair products. In such cases, a double wash could be justified for effective cleansing. However, for regular maintenance, we think a single wash is usually enough and minimises the risk of scalp irritation. 


Myth 4: Shampoo Bars Fade Hair Colour 

All shampoos contribute to colour fading to some extent. The key is how much. We recommend opting for a milder shampoo as it slows down fading. Colour-treated hair tends to be dry or porous, requiring gentler cleansing ingredients to prevent fading and oils to protect and smooth.  Sulphate-free options, like KIND2’s shampoo bars, are ideal for coloured hair as they offer a gentle nourishing cleanse without stripping colour. Explore our natural, plant-based ingredients here


Myth 5:  If You Shampoo Less Often, Your Scalp will Gradually Produce Less Oil


Nope! Your scalp produces oil (sebum) based on hormones and genetics. Less shampooing won't decrease oil production. If you are struggling with an oily scalp, we recommend going for a rebalancing or clarifying shampoo as these rebalance the scalp and regulate excessive sebum production. 


Myth 6: Shampoo Bars Cause Build-up?  


While some individuals may experience buildup with shampoo bars, it’s often due to water quality, particularly hard water with high mineral content or accumulation from silicones. Mineral residue from hard water can lead to a waxy sensation, but using clarifying shampoos can help. KIND2’s The Rebalancing One is formulated to be effective in hard water. Another cause could be unknowingly using soap-based bars, which disrupt the natural pH balance of hair and scalp. KIND2's bars are soap-free and pH balanced for healthy hair. Read more here on why being soap-free matters to the performance of your shampoo bar and the health of your hair.

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