The Gift Set
The Gift Set
The Gift Set
The Gift Set
The Gift Set
The Gift Set
The Gift Set

The Gift Set


Give the gift of beautiful hair with our solid shampoo and conditioner bars gift set, including an organic, fairtrade cotton drawstring bag and enamel tray.

All products in this gift set are plastic free and vegan.

Choose two full-size bars from...

Buying this sustainable gift saves you up to 18% compared to individual product pricing.

This high quality blue and white enamel tray allows your shampoo and conditioner bars to breathe and dry out between uses. 

Did you know that we plant a tree for every order? Learn more about the reforestation project we are supporting in Madagascar here.


includes tray & drawstring bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Great shine

I've tried shampoo and conditioner bars before and they dry my hair out. Having natural curly hair I need a good conditioner. This one does exactly what I need and leaves hair with a lovely shine and smells great too. The only down side is the lack of lather from the shampoo bar which takes some getting used to.

Claire, thanks for your review - great to hear your hair is shiny. The lower lather is a consequence of the sulphate free formula, the upside being it's less drying than higher foaming bars which typically use harsher surfactants

Found my favs

I bought the gift set for mother's day - my mum has high standards so I wouldn't have given these unless I was 100% happy with them.

The shampoo gives a great clean and the conditioner works really well in my curly hair - gives great slip for detangling and ringlets form immediately :)

I’m very happy

I’ve spent the last year searching for the perfect shampoo bar that is zero waste, not full of chemicals but also leaves hair feeling clean and healthy. I bought this set as a last ditch attempt but it is brilliant! I am so so pleased with my purchase. My hair is lovely and clean with no product build up and no need for vinegar! Lol. Thank you!

Outstanding product! My hair best it’s been in years

Honestly I can say that after a week of using this product my hair is in the best condition it’s been in years - & that’s with “lockdown” hair of greys coming through! I am in my late forties and have coloured hair. I noticed a considerable change after the second wash/conditioner and by the third it’s as if my hair is saying thank you after years of bottled/unnatural products. It is shinier, softer, younger looking & the colours look brighter. Cannot recommend enough!

Much healthier hair - a great little set

Really impressed with the Sensitive shampoo bar and the conditioner. My hair looks so healthy and I've noticed that there are far fewer hairs on the brush after brushing compared to when I used to use a normal big brand shampoo. I also have to wash much less often: every 5-6 days instead of every 3. It doesn't contain any of the fragrances that I'm allergic to, which seems to be rare in shampoo bars so it's a special find.
Unlike the soap-based shampoo bar by another company that I tried before, it leaves no residue, my hair isn't "squeaky" after washing, is much less tangled, and more soft and shiny with little static.
The only downside is that it takes much longer to wash my hair (which is quite long and thick to be fair), as it doesn't lather that much so takes a bit of effort and patience to work it right through the full length and to the roots. But the effort is worth it.
The packaging contains no plastic, and it doesn't feel like I'm compromising at all.

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Customer Reviews

340 reviews
Great Conditioner!

I love this bar! It leaves my hair tangle free and so soft! I was super impressed the first time I used this as I thought it wouldn't do much for my thick hair, but I was wrong it really is a fab conditioner and you don't need much at all. Hence the bar seems to go on forever, great value for money!

Great for Itchy Scalp!

I was always a bit sceptical about shampoo bars but once I tried Kind2 I'm sceptical no more! I have an itchy scalp which gets irritated very easily so I have to be careful what I use. The Sensitive one is very gentle and perfume free so it doesn't upset my scalp and the bar lasts for ages! Added bonus is that because it doesn't contain any nasties it doesn't strip coloured hair either. It leaves hair soft and shiny to the point where my neighbour commented how shiny my hair was the other day and seeing as I haven't been to the hairdresser since December that's pretty impressive!

Simply just the best shampoo bar on the market!

This is my third purchase of this shampoo bar - and I totally LOVE IT! I have long, think hair and have struggled to find "the one" that works for me. And now I have. It makes my hair feel so much more healthier. As I struggle with a very sensitive scalp the natural ingredients make a real difference, sulphate free is the way to go. Am sure you can tell, this shampoo bar comes highly recommended from me :-)


I just love this company, their commitment to the planet and to people. I am adjusting to the shampoo. I cannot get any lather. The conditioner, it feels like I haven't done anything. But, my hair looks and feels great afterwards. So I'm sticking with it

Love it!

To be fair, I have only used the shampoo and conditioner bars a few times. I can already see a feel a difference. My hair has become a bit thin on top and I’m now having to deal with it frizzing terribly. Since using these bars, I have had no frizzing and my hair feels thicker. Now I know that it hasn’t miraculously thickened but it looks and feels that way. I’m hoping that with regular use, my hair will start growing again where there are thin patches, but time will tell. I am really happy with these bars and will continue to buy them. Don’t expect lather because there isn’t any, but my hair feels cleaner than when I’ve used regular shampoo. Love it!