The Dog One - Fragrance Free Shampoo Bar Bundle

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Soap free shampoo bar for dogs with no added fragrance


Formulated for a shiny, healthy coat and pH balanced to your dog’s skin to minimise irritation and dryness. Shea Butter to nourish and moisturise, being fragrance free it's suitable for dogs with sensitive skin.

Soap free | Sulphate free | Palm free | pH balanced for dogs

Aroma: no added fragrance

Easier to use than juggling a bottle while holding a wriggling dog - this bar is soap and sulphate free, creating a gentle lather – making it easier to rinse out.

Click here for The Dog One with Neem & Lavender - with a subtle, natural fragrance

Key Ingredients:
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Kaolin, Shea Butter 

Product size: 3 x 90g

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Kaolin, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Stearyl Alcohol, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate.

No synthetic fragrances or colours.

There's no nasties hiding in our ingredients list. Find out more about all our ingredients here.

We plant a tree for every order.

Certified Plastic Free Zero Plastic Inside

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How to use a Dog Shampoo Bar
Dog being washed with shampoo


Why Soap Free?

Our Dog Shampoo Bars are a neutral pH of 7, meaning they are gentle for a dog's sensitive skin.

Bar soap is alkaline, with a pH ranging from 8 to as high as 12. Using a product that is too alkaline on your dog’s sensitive skin can cause dryness, irritation and itchiness. 


Yes, it works well for a variety of coats including curly and long hair. If your dog has a long or thick coat, you might want to give them a brush first to remove tangles and excess hair.

The RSPCA advises at least once every three months. Although it depends on lifestyle and if they get
muddy, salty from the ocean or roll in fox poo. Dogs with short coats should be fine to be washed every few months, whereas long hair breeds can need more regular washes.

A puppy’s skin is more delicate and prone to dryness, so washing with lukewarm water alone is best. If
they are muddy or there’s been an accident, rub the shampoo bar in your hands first rather than directly on their coat, so it's diluted. For cats we recommend using our Fragrance Free Dog Shampoo Bar.

Customer Reviews

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Guest Customer
Super Soft and Clean

Ronnie is not a fan of a Bath but this Shampoo Bar was super easy to rub on a fussy pooch, lathers up nicely and fragrance free to help with Ronnie’s sensitive skin.
I would definately buy again but I can see this lasting for a good few washes yet!

Love it! Much easier to use than a bottle

Easy to use and very reasonably priced the shampoo bar is a really good choice. Its much easier to hold the bar than try to hold a shampoo bottle with one hand to pour the shampoo in to the other and hold the dog. You just wet the dog and the bar and then off you go.

Sprocket is a ‘hair wash once a month’ boy, it works like a dream. His coat is bouncy and shiney. He’s happy and we are happy that its 2 plastic bottles we’ve not had to use and the carton can just go in the compost bin.

Jo Bowden
My shampoo and one for the dog

Test starts now with how long the colour will last in my hair using the hydrating shampoo.
The dogs fur is so soft and fluffy, was a little jealous at how much foam his shampoo produced as to mine. But will be ordering more thank you x

Great Product

I've used this bar a couple of times now on my spaniel who does like a muddy puddle.
It left his coat nice and clean without too much effort.
I loved it, my spaniel wanted to go find another muddy puddle...!

Dog Shampoo Bar

This was really easy to use to get shampoo all over our dog's body and left her looking clean and smelling fresh, which doesn't happen often! Definitely recommend.