KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bar Bundle for dry hair
KIND2 The Hydrating One shampoo bar
KIND2 The Restoring One Conditioner Bar
KIND2 The Hydrating One Shampoo Bar
KIND2 The Restoring One Conditioner Bar
KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars on Ceramic Tray

The Hydrating Bundle



Save 20% with our bundle of 3 -  solid shampoo and conditioner bars for dry and curly hair

Our best selling bars, loved for being gentle and nourishing on hair that is dry, damaged, coloured or curly 

Customers tell us our conditioner bars last forever (someone once told us they had relationships that were shorter ...) and so we've created this bundle with two shampoo bars and one conditioner bar - saving 6 plastic bottles!

The Hydrating One - solid shampoo bar x 2

The Restoring One - solid conditioner bar x 1

Vegan | Soap Free | Sulphate Free | Palm Free | pH Balanced | Colour safe

Product size: 80g x 3

1 bar = 2 bottles

This product is 100% plastic free

Did you know that we plant a tree for every order? Learn more about the reforestation project we are supporting in Madagascar here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
Brilliant shampoo bar

I’ve steered clear of normal detergent based liquid shampoos in bottles for a while now for sake of my hair and the planet. This bar is great, smells lovely and makes my hair really clean - love it

Maria Howatd
Make the change!

Better for your hair and scalp. Use every day without fear of stripping your hair of its natural balance. Echo friendly. Nice recyclable box. Save the waterways and planet.

Works better with shorter hair

My partner and I both tried this product. He has short hair and loved it saying it was really moisturising on his scalp, however I have very long hair and found it left a sticky residue and was difficult to rinse out. I would recommend this product for those with shorter/less hair.

Merrie, thanks for leaving us a review. This bar is sulphate free which means a gentler lather and we're sorry it wasn't a great experience for you - it might be that this wasn't the right one for you since your hair is long. We do recommend The Rebalancing One for longer or thicker hair as it is higher foaming.

Rose Norman
I wanted to love it, but

I love the balancing shampoo and I thought I'd give the hydrating one a try but I struggled with this one. It doesn't lather up in the same way and left my hair a bit crunchy, sadly. I'll go back to the balancing one!

Rose, thanks for leaving us a review. We're sorry to hear that you didn't like this bar as much as The Rebalancing One. They are different formulations and The Hydrating One being sulphate free, won't lather as much in harder water. We've sent you an email with a bit more information and we will replace your bar.

Stella Cash
The Hydrating One - solid shampoo

My hair is fine ,but I’ve lots of it , passed shoulder length ,with highlights. This amazing shampoo bar lasts for ages, no horrible plastic waste, really suits my hair ,always leaves it perfectly clean ,after using the equally great conditioning bar I’ve shiny, clean hair.