The Hydrating Bundle

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Save 20% with our bundle of 3 -  solid shampoo and conditioner bars for dry and curly hair

Our best selling bars, loved for being gentle and nourishing on hair that is dry, damaged, coloured or curly 

Customers tell us our conditioner bars last forever (someone once told us they had relationships that were shorter ...) and so we've created this bundle with two shampoo bars and one conditioner bar - saving 6 plastic bottles!

The Hydrating One - solid shampoo bar x 2

The Restoring One - solid conditioner bar x 1

Vegan | Soap Free | Sulphate Free | Palm Free | pH Balanced | Colour safe

Product size: 80g x 3

1 bar = 2 bottles

We plant a tree with every order.

Certified Plastic Free Zero Plastic Inside

Customer Reviews

Based on 177 reviews
corinna mantlo
Absolutely THE BEST!

Having baby fine, thin long hair, I’ve always struggled with having to wash my hair every day. As well as dry scalp and oily hair. I’ve tried a bunch, but Shampoo bars have never worked for me. I discovered kind2 because of the mention of no soap, and it has been life changing! I’m able to go a day in between washing now with no notice of a difference in my hair. I use the conditioner as well and my hair is silky smooth with no tangles.

A lot of reviews say these bars have no lather but I’m not sure why. There’s so much larger, I had to go back and re-read the description to make sure I hadn’t ordered the wrong bar.

I can’t say enough good things about this brand and bars, and don’t know of any equivalent in the US. Worth every penny of international shipping! :)

Clare Brass
Excellent results

I have used other solid shampoo bars but this one is a bit different. The washing experience was a bit less foamy, but my hair felt great afterwards, and a single wash has lasted more than a week! This is definitely a superior product

Julia Cosby
The hydrating one

Does what it is supposed to, I e cleans my hair! I have very short hair so one bar lasts a very long time. I occasionally use a conditioner for extra softness, but don’t need to most of the time.

Martin Cooper
The hydrating one

The shampoo bar lathered well and left my hair feeling soft, but it didn't tackle the dryness I bought it for. This was in no way the fault of the bar, turned out it needed more serious treatment. Overall a good product, but not for me.

Sarah Garland
Favourite shampoo

We only use your hydrating shampoo plus your conditioner since we first ordered many months ago. We are on our third shampoo bar. It lasts well, good lather, clean hair, no scent, feels good and good for the planet ...