The Rebalancing Bundle

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Solid shampoo and conditioner bars for normal and oily hair


Loved by our customers for working brilliantly in hard water, while still being gentle and not stripping your natural oils 

Customers tell us our conditioner bars last forever and so we've created this bundle with two shampoo bars and one conditioner bar - saving 6 plastic bottles! 

The Rebalancing One - solid shampoo bar x 2

The Fragrance Free One - solid conditioner bar x 1

Vegan | Soap Free | Palm Free | pH Balanced | Colour safe

Product size: 85g x 2, 65g x 1

1 shampoo bar = 2 bottles

We plant a tree with every order.

Certified Plastic Free Zero Plastic Inside

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Jenni Wagstaff
The most amazing scent

I adore this shampoo bar! The scent is so refreshing and my hair feels fluffy and soft afterwards despite being naturally rather coarse and thick. I feel like this bar leaves my hair cleaner than any other shampoo before, but I do still have to wash every other day if I want my hair to maintain a reasonably clean look/feel. I don't mind so much though when the shampoo is this delightful! However, it's definitely not equal amount to 2 X 500ml shampoo bottles, seeing as my shampoo did fall apart and become rather difficult to use after about a month. BUT. I ordered again, because of that divine scent AND how good it made my hair feel...

Lara Solomon
Best shampoo bar

I love this bar, I’ve tried a lot & had pretty much given up & gone back to liquid then a friend gave me this & omg so good! My hair is shiny & healthy looking

Emma Steel
Rebalancing one

Lovely product! I have fine and greasy hair but this product gives me days of fresh and clean looking hair

Great results

I have used other shampoo bar products by this is by far the best.

Liz Tyndall
Worth it. So very worth it.

I bought my first 2 bars of The Rebalancing One shampoo back in late November. I've tried many shampoo bars over the years and generally found them pretty good, but not great and usually not worth the extra cost. My tap water is hard, my hair is fine and oily so any shampoo bar has a challenge. Well, this foams beautifully. It smells amazing. My hair felt clean and beautifully conditioned. My daughter commented on how "fluffy" my hair felt. This was great! However, the first bar was all gone after just over a month (washing every day). Disaster. This would just work out as too expensive, getting something like 11 shampoo bars a year. I'd just have to go back to the ordinary stuff.
And yet, after a couple of weeks of using the ordinary shampoo, my hair feels greasy and rough at the end of the day, my morning bedhead is horrible... Nothing for it this morning but to dig out that second bar and give it another go. Now I'm determined to make room for this shampoo bar in my life. I'll take a sandwich to work, save the money that way. This is worth it.