KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Fragrance Free Bundle
KIND2 The Sensitive One fragrance free shampoo bar
KIND2 The Fragrance Free One solid conditioner bar - Bronze Free From Skincare Awards
KIND2 The Sensitive One Fragrance Free Shampoo Bar
KIND2 The Fragrance Free One Conditioner Bar
KIND2 Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

The Fragrance Free Hair Bundle



Save 13% with our bundle of 3 -  solid shampoo and conditioner bars for sensitive, dry and flaky scalps

Our fragrance free bars, loved for being gentle on the scalp and hair, perfect for those wishing to avoid added fragrance

Customers tell us our conditioner bars last forever (someone once told us they had relationships that were shorter ...) and so we've created this bundle with two shampoo bars and one conditioner bar - saving 6 plastic bottles!

The Sensitive One - solid shampoo bar x 2

The Fragrance Free One - solid conditioner bar x 1

Vegan | Soap Free | Sulphate Free | Palm Free | pH Balanced | Colour safe

Product size: 80g x 2, 65g x 1

Certified 100% plastic free

We plant a tree with every order

Learn more about the reforestation project we are supporting in Madagascar here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Lyanda Murphy
Good stuff

Was surprised with the amount of lather it worked up and was a breeze to rinse off. Scalp felt fresh and clean.

Lasts forever!!

I have a subscription for both Shampoo (The Sensitive One) and Conditioner (The Fragrance Free One) I have to keep pushing the delivery date back as both last so long. Super happy with both products.

kevin rowland
Great size for those of us with short hair

For somebody like myself with short hair this discovery size lasts a really long time and leaves the hair feeling lovely and soft after a few minutes.

E maria
Decent scent free

Got rid of my baby’s cradle cap. Only reason I didn’t give five stars was I don’t think all of the ingredients were shown on the website if I remember correctly.

Juli Smith
Not for my hair

I have only used this for about 10 days and it is now more or less finished. I do wash my hair every day, it is short (and coarse) and I live in a very hard water area, so for me this isn't a viable option. I haven't seen any improvement in my hair or scalp, in fact the opposite, but that may be because I haven't used it long enough.

Juli, we're sorry to hear that you have got through the bar so quickly - it should last much longer than that, as only a small amount is required for each wash. We've just sent you an email to see if we can help, by offering a better choice of bar and some tips to help them last longer.