Soap free and pH balanced shampoo and conditioner - so what?

It’s not that we have anything against soap … it’s an effective (and plastic free) product for washing your body, even your clothes. But it’s not so great for hair, particularly in hard water.

You have probably read pH balanced on the side of a product and not given it too much thought.

It’s all about chemistry. Soap is alkali, at the higher end of the pH scale, around 9 – 10. Your skin, scalp and hair is slightly acidic, in the range of 4.75 – 5.5 pH. What this means is that if you use soap on your hair, you may find it is simply too harsh or drying, because it strips away too much of your natural oils leaving your hair dull or feeling rough. 

To add to the confusion, you might have seen (or tried) one of the many Shampoo Bars on the market which are actually soap. The product may or may not say ”soap”, but look for ingredients like Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Olivate, Sodium Castorate and Sodium Hydroxide. If you live in an area of hard water (high pH), after using a soap based bar, you might have noticed your hair feeling waxy and tangled. Perhaps you have read recommendations to use a vinegar rinse to help your transition from liquid shampoo? The vinegar is to re-balance the pH and smooth your hair cuticle, it might temporarily work … but products with high pH are just not great for your hair. 

Our solid shampoos and conditioners are pH balanced for your scalp and hair, formulated with gentle, plant-based surfactants (cleaning agents) and oils. We wanted to make sure our products keep your hair clean and healthy and really work in hard water, so that’s why KIND2 is soap free

Ditch the vinegar rinse and see for yourself the difference a pH balanced shampoo makes

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pH soap free zero plastic

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