Let's make it a Green Friday - we're supporting the real Amazon

Black Friday isn't really our thing, a festival of (excess) consumerism – with much of what's on sale a "waste of the world's resources" at dubiously discounted prices. According to Which 98% of the discounted products - were available for the same price or cheaper in the six months after the sales and 85% in the six months before!

It's just not a bargain if you don't need it.

We're not having a sale. We're a small independent brand and you can already get a discount by subscribing, on your first order, buying a bundle or by signing up to our loyalty and refer a friend scheme.

Aside from doubling our tree planting for the whole weekend, we’ve decided to look at ways we can support some of the people most impacted by climate change.

Instead of discounts, we'd much rather support the real Amazon and the indigenous communities who are the frontline of our earth defenders - people who are facing extreme human rights and climate justice struggles every day⁠.

On Friday 26th November, we're donating 15% of our total sales to Choose Earth - a campaign to donate funds to the incredible Brazilian Indigenous leaders fighting for the future of our planet⁠.

And all weekend we're planting two 🌳 🌳 with every order.

#ChooseEarth is a campaign by Choose Love Earth Rise Studio @samantharoddick @katharinehamnett⁠


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